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You already know that we offer treatments such as Dermal Fillers, but did you know that we also offer access to an incredible skincare range that can not be purchased over the counter?

Here at SkinViva HQ we have exclusive rights to offer ZO Skin Health products in Manchester.

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    Created by Dr Zein Obagi, this range of cosmeceutical products is all about unique concept skincare.


    What is unique about ZO Skin Health?

    ZO Skin Health works exclusively with aesthetic doctors to create and provide a range of skincare products suitable for all skin types.

    zo skin health products

    Dr Ahmed says:

    ‘These products are not available on the high street. Due to the high percent of active ingredients. you will need a consultation where our clinicians can design a plan that is specific to your skin’

    During the consultation, the SkinViva clinicians will talk you through your skin type and tailor a ZO skincare routine that is specific to you.

    The ZO Skincare range cannot be purchased on the high street, it can only be purchased following a consultation with a specialist

    What do ZO Skin Health products do?

    The idea behind the ZO Skin Health products, is that they treat the skin from within and on a deeper level (on the intra-cellular level), rather than just on the surface like many high street products.

    dr ahmed skinviva

    Dr Ahmed says:

    ‘The skin is like a plant. If it is not doing very well, the answer is not to spray the surface, but to water the roots and improve the condition from the inside’

    Over time the products will improve the genuine skin strength and resistance. They are particularly good at protecting from the many damaging effects of the environment such as sun damage and pollution that contribute to premature ageing.

    ‘They work at the cellular level to maintain healthy skin. They also improve the barrier function of the skin to battle issues such as sensitivity’

    The ZO range, helps to tackle issues such as:

    • Acne
    • Rosacea
    • Ageing
    • Inflammation
    • Hyperpigmentation
    • Sun damage

    There is a regime suitable for all different skin types. Below is an example of one for sensitive skin.

    Example of a regime for sensitive skin:
    1. Prep – cleanse with the Offects Hydrating Cleanser, Offects Exfoliating Polish and Balatone
    2. Treatment – Ossential Daily Power Defense, Ossential Growth Factor Serum Plus
    3. Protection – Oclipse – C Sunscreen SPF 50
    4. Optional – C-Bright
    5. Support – Ossential Advanced Radical Night Repair


    For more information on ZO Skin Health or to book in for a free consultation, please contact customer services on 0161 865 1141.

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