The Facts: what makes Meghan so beautiful

There’s no denying Meghan Markle’s beauty.

She may be tying the knot on 19th May 2018 to Prince Harry, but the team at SkinViva in Manchester think she’s already a beautiful princess is in her own right!

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    The Facts: what makes Meghan Markle so beautiful?

    Meghan Markle

    Dr Tim Pearce of SkinViva in Manchester has been analysing Meghan Markle’s face to understand what makes her features so beautiful.

    He says: “The overall proportions of Meghan Markle’s face is what’s making her more attractive.”

    Most of these ‘proportions’ are down to the scientific rules of proportion, called the Golden Ratio.


    What is the Golden Ratio?

    golden ratioKnown as the Golden Ratio or Phi, it’s a specific geometric ratio (approx. equal to 1.1:618) that represents a mathematics principle of things that are considered beautiful – appearing in all kinds of nature, architecture and art.

    And non-surprisingly, Meghan Markle’s face matches perfectly within these ideal ratios of beauty.

    The Golden Ratio applies all over the face – from the ratio of the distance between your eyes, to the ratio of the upper & lower lip.


    How Meghan Markle’s face fits the Golden Ratio

    Dr Tim explains: “Meghan has got a relatively large forehead which is an attractive thing in a female as it puts the ratio of her eyes at two thirds of the whole space of her face – matching the Golden Ratios.

    “The position of her mouth also matches the golden ratio perfectly.”

    Her lips are also an ideal shape and size, exactly what the team at SkinViva look for when creating a Da Vinci Lip treatment (using Golden Rations).

    “Meghan’s lower lip is slightly bigger than top lip, that’s what you want with enough projection that it gets that nice light reflex on it.”

    Well defined, with a beautiful crisp top lip, her philtrum and cupids bow are an ideal shape.


    It isn’t all down to the Golden Ratio…

    face proportions

    Dr Tim Pearce adds

    • Meghan is definitely symmetrical, which is a big part of why she is attractive
    • The distance between her eyes and her nose is also exactly the same distance as her nose to her chin. So, there’s a relationship between her eyes, her nose and her chin.
    • She also has a great jawline that is very straight and it frames her whole face
    • Finally, the contrast in her face is attractive. She has dark eyes, dark eyebrows makes her best features stand out. That’s why we put makeup on

    An oval shaped face is also a desired face shape for a female, so with the lowest point of Meghans face being the bottom of her chin, she fits the ideal.


    You too can be as beautiful as Meghan Markle!

    If you look at Meghans most dominant feature on her face, it’s most definitely her eyes.

    Why? Because there are no distractions.

    That’s one of the things we are always working towards in medical aesthetics, to remove the distractions from your most beautiful features – the eyes and lips.

    In an Advanced Facial Analysis (AFA), our doctors will analyse your face as a whole, rather than just focusing on one area – such as lips or certain fine lines.

    By applying the scientific rules of beauty, looking at your individual anatomy and understanding your psychology, your clinician can draw up a treatment plan to beautify & rejuvenate your natural features.

    Follow the link to find out how you can look as beautiful as Meghan.


    To book in for your FREE Advanced Facial Analysis (AFA), please call 0161 865 1141 or email



    Meghan Markle image copyright: By Genevievederivative work: Firebrace (DSC_3441) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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    • Heather Noble says:

      This is BS. She is not symmetrical and Kate is the most beautiful. Case in point: Her right side and left side of her face don’t match up. Her left eye is set up high and diagnonal, pushed INTO her head whereas the other eye is normally set; and her jawline slopes to the right side with the pretty eye. She has LOW cheekbones which she hides by contouring herself to death. And let’s not forget her personality. Nothing makes a woman uglier than behaving like an ugly person. Markle was homely before nose job and veneers and weaves. Her real hair is wispy and thin. Everything on her is fake and real Meghan Markle is just cute or pretty. Beautiful? No way. Throw in the aforementioned personality disorder and any attractiveness she has is out the window. Also, she has recently started wearing butt pads because she has none. THere is NOTHING REAL ABOUT THIS WOMAN. Give me a beautiful woman without makeup any day. If you want to know what Meghan Markle is gonna look like some day, look at her mother. Cheeks halfway down her face.

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