“Why I got my tear Troughs Treated” – Review

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I met with Miranda Pearce, Customer Service Director at SkinViva, to find out why she got her Tear Troughs done and what she thought about the treatment. Why did you decide to get your Tear Troughs treated?

For my whole adult life, I had always had a noticeable hollow under my eye and one day I thought to myself, “why not get it smoothed over?” so the next day I booked in for my treatment and I’m so glad that I did!

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    What did the treatment process involve?

    The whole process was really in depth, I had a long consultation with Dr Tim where he discussed the treatment with me and what it would entail. He also took the time to find out what my motivations were for having the treatment and thoroughly explained any risks that may be involved just so that I was properly informed to make my decision.

    I of course decided to go ahead with the treatment and found it to be relatively painless! I had some numbing cream put on beforehand to take the edge off but I was surprised to learn that our fillers actually contain a mild anaesthetic that numbs as it is injected, so after a while I barely felt anything other than a bit of tugging.

    After the treatment, I was briefed by Dr Tim on how to care for my Tear Troughs over the next fortnight whilst the filler was settling, so I avoided rigorous exercising and putting too much pressure on the area.

    How did you feel during the treatment?

    I felt very relaxed throughout the whole process, Tim was very calm and as a result so was I, the numbing cream also took a lot of the sharpness away.

    How did you feel after the treatment?

    Wonderful! The hollows under my eyes that had plagued me since I was a teenager had almost completely vanished. I looked fresher and healthier already and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

    Were there any complications?

    None at all, there was some slight bruising as expected but this only lasted around a week so I just a bit more concealer than usual.

    How long did the treatment last?

    Because the fillers that Dr Tim used were long lasting, my Tear Troughs only started returning to normal after around 18 months.

    Were you happy with the results?

    Very! It’s a shadow on my face that I could do without. No one has ever commented on my under eyes being bad but it’s just a personal insecurity of mine so I am incredibly happy to be free of that.

    Will you be getting treatment again?

    Absolutely! I’m already booked in

    Would you recommend this treatment to other people?

    Totally. If you feel your under eyes are making you look tired and there’s something that can be done about it, don’t wait years and years worrying about it. Go for it! Best beauty treatment/product I’ve ever had.

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