#WhatIsAnAFA – The Advantages

So, we have previously discussed the difference between a consultation and an AFA, but now it is time to REALLY hammer home the benefits of an Advanced Facial Analysis.

To put it simply, an AFA is an in-depth consultation that takes into consideration YOUR personal anatomy, psychology and the scientific rules of beauty.

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    But what do YOU get from it?

    Today I want to focus on the 4 main benefits of an AFA:

    • Prioritisation
    • Flexibility
    • Personalisation
    • Value

    1) Prioritisation

    So what do you mean by looking at my psychology and anatomy? This means that the clinician will physically analyse the face and engage in discussion about how you feel about yourself.

    This could simply mean listing what you like and dislike about yourself, or sometimes the discussion can reveal much more than that.

    It may be a specific thing, or it may be something very general. Each person is different.

    We will be able to figure out your priorities and what will make YOU the happiest. It may be that you only want to focus on one thing and prioritise a certain area of the face.

    Ultimately, an AFA will bring feelings and thoughts to the surface that will help you figure out what you want to work on first and what will bring the best result for you.

    you pointing


    2) Flexibility

    When people initially hear the phrase Advanced Facial Analysis, it sounds like a very rigid and technical term.

    However, that could not be further from the truth.

    An AFA is an extremely flexible and openminded process, more so than a consultation.

    A consultation focuses on one specific thing or area of the face, whereas an AFA investigates everything.

    You do not need to commit to a specific treatment plan. It is all in your hands.

    You don’t even need to stick to a specific amount of filler. If you only desire 0.5ml in a certain place, that’s all you need to have. There are no set rules.

    3) Personalisation

    One of the most attractive benefits to having an AFA is how unique and personal to the individual the process is.

    No two people are the same. Each anatomy and psychology are so different from each other. This means that no treatment plan will be duplicated, as it is tailored to your unique self.

    There is no clean-cut model of an AFA, the outcome will be specific to you and your goals.

    unique personal


    4) Value

    I know what you’re thinking, I bet you think all these amazing benefits of an AFA must cost an absolute bomb.

    Well you’re wrong.

    An AFA can cost what you want it to cost. As there is no concrete model of a treatment plan, you can pick and choose exactly what you would like to go for. Like a pick N mix.

    There is an AFA treatment menu that will suit everyone’s budget.

    In fact, we will help you figure out the best and economical way to help you achieve your goals without wasting money on certain treatments that won’t benefit you.


    To book an Advanced Facial Analysis with one of our clinicians, call the clinic on 0161 865 1141 or e-mail at contact@skinviva.com. The appointment will take around 40 minutes and you will come out with a treatment plan bespoke to you.

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