What Should I Know Before Getting a Lip Filler?

Non-surgical treatments such as lip fillers performed by qualified aesthetics practitioners offer a safe and simple way to enhance appearance and boost self-confidence. Lip fillers involve injecting synthetic hyaluronic acid into your lips to give them more volume and they are a very popular treatment.

However, before having any type of treatment, you should understand what the procedure entails and whether there are any side effects to be aware of and how to minimise them with effective aftercare. Before you book an appointment, you should know the following:

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    Not all treatments are provided by qualified medical professionals

    While the UK government is expected to pass a bill that will require a licensing regime for non-surgical cosmetic procedures, the industry has lacked regulation up until now. This means that there are treatments being provided by non-medical practitioners, which is a high risk to client health and safety. When you are choosing your clinic or clinician, make sure that they have medical qualifications and adequate aesthetics training.

    Which type of filler?

    Different clinics offer different types of fillers, with Juvéderm® being one of the most popular choices by aesthetics experts. When you are considering which clinic to choose, you should enquire about which type of filler they use, to check that it is FDA approved.

    Does the clinic provide a consultation?

    If you are getting a treatment from a clinic for the first time, they should provide you with a full consultation which will outline the details of the procedure, talk through the results that you are looking to achieve and also offer the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the treatment.Botox fillers safety

    What is the aftercare like?

    After providing an aesthetics treatment, the clinician should give you comprehensive advice regarding how to minimise swelling and other important health information. For example, they should explain that you should avoid exercise for at least 24 hours after a lip filler and using a cold compress on your lips can help to reduce swelling. It is also important to keep well hydrated and drinking alcohol should be avoided for a while after the procedure.

    You can check online reviews to find out more about the service provided by the clinic in regard to the treatment and the aftercare advice, so that you can look out for any aspects of the service that are not up to the expected standard.

    Be ready for downtime

    After your treatment you are likely to have some swelling and possibly bruising for a few days. If you have an important event coming up, you should try to schedule your appointment so that you will be able to have a few days of taking it easy and applying ice to your lips if necessary.

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    At SkinViva all our clinicians are medical professionals who receive the highest standard of aesthetics training to ensure that our clients’ safety and wellbeing always comes first. If you are considering a lip filler, book a free consultation and our experts will talk you through the details.

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