What happens if you stop Botox?

Botox is one of the most well-known names in the field of medical aesthetics. Yet what isn’t as well known is the answer to what happens if you stop Botox.

Botox is the brand name for the drug Botulinum Toxin which is found within anti-wrinkle injections. It can be used in various areas for various different reasons.

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    It can improve the appearance of aging in places such as the forehead and frown lines.

    However, many people are concerned about what may happen if you decide to stop having Botox injections or don’t keep it up regularly.  We want to put your fears to bed. Here we will tell you the truth surrounding Botox and what actually happens if you stop.

    So what happens if I stop having Botox?

    There are many concerns surrounding what will happen if you stop having Botox. Will my skin lose structural support? Will the lines come back even stronger?

    The answer is NO.

    Over time the connections that are made between the nerve and the muscle are gradually rebuilt by the body, which is when movement will start to come back.

    During this period your face will gradually return to the way it looked before treatment.

    This, or skin quality will have actually improved, and aging will naturally appear reduced. There are no negative consequences to not continuing with treatment as most muscles will eventually go back to their originally strength.

    How does Botox work?

    what to expect in botox treatment

    When Botox is injected it will find its way into the nerve terminals that cause wrinkles to form. Wrinkles are usually formed when the muscles contract.

    By Botox being injected the receptor is trimmed away, and the molecule will eventually disappear. This process is called selective muscle denervation.

    In other words, Botox helps to relax the muscle. For example, if you lift up your eyebrows your forehead should have less exaggerated lines due to the muscles in your forehead being relaxed.

    The average treatment will last around 4 months before you would consider going back for more if you wanted to maintain the results.


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