Dr Adam – What does Botox do?

Botox is one of the most popular and well-known treatments in the world. But, many people still are yet to find out what Botox actually does.

People have maybe heard of celebrities getting it, or possibly their own friends and family?

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    Well we spoke to Dr Adam about anti-wrinkle injections so he could help you all understand what having Botox does.

    dr adam botox wrinkle injections

    What does Botox do?

    When Botox enters the body and is injected into a muscle, it temporarily paralyses it and stops it from moving and creating lines. In scientific terms

    ‘it activates a process called selective muscle denervation. This is when the neuromuscular junction – where the nerve and muscle meet – has its receptors blocked from acetylcholine: the chemical which forces the muscle to contract’

    Which areas can Botox treat?

    • Forehead – by injecting in the forehead the muscles will not be able to stretch upwards and prevent the appearance of forehead lines
    • Frown lines and Crow’s feet – by treating the Orbicularis Oculi muscle around the eye it stops the muscles from contracting and therefore preventing lines from deepening
    • Botox can also treat vertical neck bands and grooves above the upper lip to fill in lines and prevent the appearance of aging
    • A gummy smile can be treated to bring down the top lip to reveal less gum when smiling


    What are the benefits of Botox?

    • Youthful appearance – minimised lines
    • Brow lift – by leaving the area around the brow untreated it will allow movement for the brow and make it appear lifted which provides a beautiful balance to the features on the face.

    Dr Adam says

    ‘You can have varying degrees of a brow lift. You can have a very high lift or a soft lift. All depends on what you want, which would be discussed with you on the day’

    gummy smile before after

    Is it important who I go to?

    It is VERY important that you go to a fully trained clinician.

    Some people say they can feel heavy sensation or droopiness near their eyelids – that is because they have lost that ‘upwards pull’. Injectors have to be careful and thoroughly assess your anatomy and see how much you need before they administer the injection.

    Dr Adam spoke to us about a woman he treated as she had treatment elsewhere that need corrected. It resulted in her having wonky eyebrows, which is down to poor injection techniques at another clinic.

    Make sure you go somewhere safe like SkinViva.



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