What are Bunny Lines?

Bunny Lines – Beauty Buzzwords Explained

‘Bunny lines’ is the name given to those wrinkles that appear by the side of the top of the nose when you smile. They are horizontal, slightly upswept lines that go in a similar direction to laughter lines around the eyes.

For some they are a natural consequence of ageing. However, in recent times the ‘bunny lines’ have been used by popular media as a way of trying to guess whether celebrities have had botox. This is because if the forehead and eye area are especially smooth, then deep bunny lines can appear unnatural and obvious.

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    The answer lies in how the botox is used and there are a few options here:

    • ensure that botox in the forehead and eye area is not over-used – the ‘frozen look’ with an immovable forehead will make the bunny lines much more prominent and obvious
    • a few tiny injections into the upper nose area can be used carefully to prevent the bunny line syndrome

    It is vital to consider how one treatment could impact on other features. Top botox injections practitioners are trained to understand the whole facial dynamics – and skilled and experienced enough to know how to create the right balance.

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