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The Problems of ‘Bitchy Resting Face’

‘Bitchy resting face’ is a relatively new catch phrase, yet it’s one of those things that actually needs little explanation.

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    The term was first coined by comedian Taylor Orci, whose youtube video Bitchy Resting Face has received nearly 4 million hits; definitely striking a chord with many women despite the fact that it was intended as a joke.

    It refers to the lack of expression that comes over people’s faces when they are not actively engaged in conversation, which can make them look moody even if they feel fine.

    Stopping smiling and interracting means that the face falls into a natural resting position; but the appearance of this can be misleading. When the facial muscles are relaxed and not lifting the eyes and mouth into a smile, the face can be quite unappealing. There may be a permanent frown or drooping mouth or low eyebrows, which can combine to make a person look tired, mean, grumpy, angry or even ‘bitchy’, as per the phrase.

    The phenomenon causes problems when others assume that a person is unhappy, moody, exhausted or mean. Even if that is not the case, the perceptions of those around are influential on how they treat you.

    Many patients choose to have cosmetic treatments such as botox or fillers as they’ve been told they look tired or fed up. Cosmetic treatments can be extremely effective in smoothing the skin, but also lifting the eyebrows, opening up the eye area for a more alert look or lifting the corners of the mouth to reverse the ageing droop.

    A spokesperson for SkinViva commented:

    We have seen a number of patients who have sought non-surgical treatments due to being fed up with people ‘asking if they were ok’. It can be frustrating to feel fine but have friends and colleagues think that you are not. Our treatments can be quite effective in creating a more serene and calm demeanour, even when relaxed.

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