Warning Over Fiery Eyelash Curling Trend

The latest cheap DIY cosmetic trend to hit the internet is based on using fire to curl eyelashes and unsurprisingly, a host of doctors and experts have warned clients about the potential dangers.

The technique which originated in Korea involves applying mascara in the normal way, then using a naked flame (cigarette lighter) to heat up a wooden rod, before placing it over the eyelashes from root to end to make them curl.

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    However, the risks of using naked flames at all are obvious. What’s more, applying intense heat to the eyelashes is a bad idea. Using an overheated stick could result in singed or burned eyelashes, leaving them in distinctly worse shape than before; plus using any form of heat dangerously close to the eyes could result in long term damage and injuries from accidentally touching the eye itself.

    This is one beauty trick best left alone.

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