“Why I chose to have a VivaLift” Lynn’s Story

In 2015, a client visited the SkinViva Clinic whose confidence was at an all time low…

Lynn Rhead, aged 43, had suffered at the hands of bullies from a young age because of her slim features. Lynn was regularly subjected to cruel insults about her appearance, even being nicknamed ‘Bony Maloney’ by her peers. The mum carried her low self-esteem with her into adulthood and as she began to show signs of ageing, her insecurities grew stronger until, in 2015, Lynn decided to undergo a VivaLift.

“I was really paranoid about my face, I hated it! At school, because my surname back then was Maloney, the kids would point and laugh, shouting “Bony Maloney!” It was so cruel and it really knocked my self esteem.

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    “I can look back on it and laugh now but growing up it was pretty horrible.I’ve never had a full figure. This will sound crazy to most women, but I always used to say as a teenager “I wish I had a fat face”. My friends would moan “I’d love to be thin”, whereas I’d be saying, “I’d love to be fat”.

    “I just wanted nice chubby cheeks, not ones that looked sunken and tired. I always looked gaunt and deathly and I used to hate people taking pictures of me. The girls would be trying to make themselves slimmer, where I’d be asking them, “Can’t you make me look a bit bigger with that camera?” And the worst thing was that people presumed I never ate because I looked really thin. some even thought I was anorexic!”

    After performing a full facial analysis, Dr Tim was able to advise Lynn of exactly what areas needed treating to achieve the results she wanted. After undergoing the full consultation and being made aware of any risks and aftercare requirements, she decided to proceed with treatment and underwent a VivaLift. SkinViva’s trademarked Non-Surgical Facelift is bespoke to each individual client, so Lynn’s treatment was designed exclusively to for her, to give her the gorgeous result that she wanted.

    “Since having treatment, I look completely different. I’m so happy! I’ve never had this much confidence. I recently met up with some friends who knew me from school and they just couldn’t believe the transformation.

    “They saw I was having something done, because I’d been talking about the treatment on Facebook. But as soon as they saw me they were like  “Oh my God you look so well, look at your full face!” It’s the best thing I’ve ever done”

    “My husband Chris has been really supportive. I’m not sure he thought it was a good idea before I had it done, but as soon as he picked me up in the car outside the clinic he said, “Oh my God you look so different!” he had a huge smile on his face, he’s just happy that I’m so happy”

    SkinViva’s Clinical Director Dr. Tim said:

    Dr Tim Pearce“Lynn was lovely to work with and when I read about her history and her relationship with her looks, I was thrilled to be in a position to help. Her old nickname “Bony Maloney” was what made her treatment plan click into place.

    “This is a lady who was born thin and had natural age-related fat loss in every sector of her face, so it took a lot of planning and consideration to do a large re-volumisation without making her look unnatural.

    “We were able to re-sculpt Lynn’s face without it looking ‘done’ and I think it would be a big surprise to anyone who didn’t know her before that she had had a significant makeover because she just looks happy and healthy rather than fake.”

    Read the full story – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3158981/Mother-undergoes-non-surgical-treatment-make-face-look-fatter.html

    If you feel that a VivaLift might be the right choice for you book in for your free facial analysis with one of our team of aesthetic clinicians. Contact our Customer Service team on – 0161 865 1141.


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