Video: Preparing for your BOTOX or Dermal Filler Appointment

by Dr Ahmed

SkinViva’s aesthetic medical professional, Dr Ahmed El Houssieny, gives his expert advice on how best to prepare for a cosmetic treatment appointment.

This video includes essential advice for patients having BOTOX, fillers or a combination. It contains essential advice for new patients as well as important reminder for those who have visited many times. Following the practitioner’s advice can really help to improve the results of treatment, so it is well worth watching this 3 minute video to get Dr Ahmed’s valuable tips.

Video: Preparing for your BOTOX or Dermal Filler Appointment

Dr Ahmed’s Advice

  1. Keep an open mind for types of treatments

    • Dr Ahmed talks patients through the different treatment options available
    • Sometimes it may not be immediately obvious, but a combination of treatments may work best
  2. Mention medical conditions/medication

    • Very few medical conditions would prevent treatment. However, it is important to mention any conditions which affect the nerves or muscles.
    • Mention any recent illness and bring any current medication to your appointment so that the aesthetic medical practitioner can review it and give best advice.
    • Mention any allergies – these shouldn’t stop treatment, but the clinician should be made aware
    • It is important to plan around important events – Dr Ahmed recommends having treatment 2 weeks prior to a major occasion
    • If having lip treatment, mention cold sores. The practitioner may recommend some anti-viral medication before/after treatment so that the cold sores are not caused to ‘flare up’
    • The only absolute ‘contraindication’ to treatment is pregnancy or breastfeeding
  3. Choose when you want treatment

    • After consultations, patients are quite welcome to have treatment there and the, or to go home and think about it or arrange to come back at an alternative date
    • Patients are under no pressure to have treatment straightaway

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