Video: 5 Benefits of Juvederm Volbella for Lips

Video Blog by  Dr Tim Pearce, MBChB BSc (hons) MRCGP

5 Key Benefits of the Vycross Range Juvederm Volbella for lips

This new dermal filler range from Allergan, is arguably the best dermal filler in the world for tear troughs and lips-  based on vycross technology, the product has 5 key benefits compared with other dermal fillers.

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    Key Differences

    1. Softness– The product is softer, so feels more like natural lips.
    2. Improved Definition– The product holds it’s shape much better, important for cupids bow, and the vermilion border.
    3. Integration– Quicker tissue integration means that the molecule becomes part of the skin quicker, becoming tangled with other molecules (collagen, elastin and natural HA) so it stays put.
    4. Reduced swelling– because it attracts less moisture than other fillers, swelling post procedure is noticeably less.
    5. Longer lasting–  the product is more cross linked than other products, and so it takes longer for it to break down and be reabsorbed. Infact around twice as long, 12 months instead of 6 on average.

    All of this is possible because it is made differently.  Instead of just long chain molecules, it is made of many more short chains of HA, plus the usual longer length chains normal Juvederm is made of.

    There are also more cross links, so it forms a net of molecules that are more robust, while being softer because they are shorter.

    Lower HA concentration (15 as opposed to 25mg per ml) means less water is attracted to the area after placement, increasing control and decreasing side effects after the procedure.

    Improved definition and lifting ability is thanks to it having a higher viscosity , but it is softer thanks to a lower elastic modulus or gel hardness.

    All in all, fast becoming the filler of choice for the considered consumer.

    Dr Tim Pearce, SkinViva

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