Happy Mother’s Day from SkinViva

What’s a greater than being able to give your own mum the gift of confidence for Mother’s Day? And this year, SkinViva’s very own Content Marketing Manager, Justine, had the chance to! Here she explains the experience…

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    Giving the gift of confidence this Mother’s Day: background

    I joined the SkinViva family last May and boy, the last 10 months have made such an impact! Now, let me confess – I’d never actually had any aesthetic treatments before joining the team, but being a woman who’s now in her 30s, I’d be lying to you if I said I hadn’t thought about it.

    So, although medical aesthetics was an industry that I initially knew very little about, it was SkinViva’s ethos and culture that made me take the plunge.

    I would never look at someone and think “you need this, this and this doing”, but I’d been on a journey where I knew there were certain things that had began to hold me back when looking in the mirror. And luckily for me, working for SkinViva meant I’d come out the other side.

    Yes – not only are they providing me with a job and let’s not forget the dollar, they’ve gone way beyond expectation by offering me a solution to

    Naturally, I wanted to pass this on! Mother’s Day being a great excuse.

    A bit about my Mum <3

    mother's day at skinviva

    You know what, my relationship with my mum has never been stronger. I don’t mean because of this gift, prior to that. She’s just in a great place at the moment and it shines through in her every action. And it’s this positivity that equally feeds through into my outlook on life.

    Plus, come on, she’s damn fine for a woman of 60! I’m literally taking every lesson I can to ensure I mirror her routine to be just as beautiful inside and out when 60 comes knocking on my door (for most of this video she’s even got no makeup on! Stellar!)

    Now, pondering on what to get her for Mother’s Day, I knew there were certain areas of the face that my Mum wished she could improve – without changing her appearance, of course. I wouldn’t want that either! But I knew there was a way I could help.

    Before the Treatment

    She was nervous, you could tell. And I completely get that. So was I when I first had treatment, who wouldn’t be! You’re about to have something injected that is going to alter your appearance in some way.

    Although subtlety was what we were aiming for, there are still a thousand things running through the mind. But despite putting her in that position, I felt little guilt as I knew what was going to happen the other side!

    Was she happy with her results?

    My mum had her nasolabial folds treated at the clinic in Manchester (the lines between the nose to mouth to me and you). She won’t mind me telling you, that it was an area that concerned her, growing a love hate relationship with them over the years.

    As we age, we begin to lose the fat pads in our face that keep us looking youthful. And with this, places like our cheeks drop – which can have an effect on the rest of the face. With nasolabial folds deepening and jowls appearing etc.

    This area was a bother for mum, not because of how they appeared, but more for the fact that they could become quite sore and red at times. Particularly in the heat (and she’s a major sun worshipper).

    By having them treated with dermal filler, it would help to prevent the irritation that can sometimes make them look more noticeable. Meaning, mum could continue sunbathing until her hearts content without having to worry about the effects to the area around her mouth – and that would always make her happier.

    How you can give the gift of happiness this Mother’s Day?

    It’s all about shining from the inside out and SkinViva are here to help you on the journey to happiness. All consultations are free and there’s obviously no pressure! Let’s make that clear. The fact someone feels comfortable to open up about certain things that hold them back, is so powerful. And from here, we can pop on our expert guidance hat to offer you the best possible advice to see if we can help.

    We also have gift vouchers available for Mother’s Day. See details on how to buy below.

    To book a free consultation or purchase a gift voucher, call the clinic on 0161 865 1141 or drop us message using the contact form on this page.

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