Into.Trends holds off the signs of ageing.

Jelena Fairweather, @Into.Trends insta blogger from Manchester recently came into the SkinViva clinic to see if there was anything Dr Tim could do to treat her frown lines and nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines).

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    To nearly 10k people on Instagram, Jelena Fairweather is better known as Manchester’s @into.trends fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She documents her luxurious lifestyle through stylised images that leave you screaming “why can’t that be me”. Yet it’s comforting to know, the woman behind her Instagram feed has as many insecurities around her appearance as the next.

    With her 30th birthday approaching and her gorgeous little daughter turning 2 years old, Jelena found herself with both feet firmly placed in a new chapter of her life. A milestone birthday around the corner and her daughter no longer a baby anymore, Jelena had started to notice some signs of ageing creeping in when looking in the mirror – in particular, nose to mouth and frown lines.

    For Jelena, it wasn’t about changing her look in any way. This was more around getting in there early to prevent the signs of ageing. To continue feeling like she has done whilst being in her twenties, like most of us can relate to.

    Talking some more with SkinViva, Jelena admitted “I don’t want people to be disappointed when they see me in real life”. Her fear was that she wasn’t as beautiful as the girl you see on Instagram. Which we can confirm, is certainly not the case!

    We were blown away by her beauty. Why? Because not only was the woman in front of us the same woman in her pictures, but we also got to know Jelena to see her for the genuine and lovely person she that is. Who had as many qualms and niggles around her appearance as me and you.


    Why seek anti-ageing treatment now?

    As you’d expect from a beauty blogger, Jelena has a rigorous beauty regime and keeps excellent care of her skin. With a load of beauty lotions and potions at her fingertips, it would be hard not to.

    This was now about addressing certain areas that couldn’t be helped with creams or beauty treatments.

    On top of that, after having her gorgeous little girl, Jelena noticed certain changes to her appearance. “When I lost my weight, I could see it aged my face and I noticed signs of drooping”.

    As you get older, you face will naturally lose fat during the ageing process. This is why some people look as though they’ve aged after drastic weight loss.


    The treatment

    After a consultation with our Clinical Director at SkinViva, Dr Tim Pearce, we could quickly diagnose Jelena’s “problem areas” and provide a solution using Botox and filler to help rectify and make Jelena feel confident about her appearance.

    Dr Tim applied Botox to the frown lines and crow’s feet to the upper half of Jelena’s face. This is to relax the muscles, which in turn reduce the appearance of deep lines when you frown. Whilst also smoothing the skin and reducing the fine lines. These can take up to two weeks to fully relax the muscle and settle, but you’ll usually see the effects after 4-5 days.

    We then used dermal filler to help soften the nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines). This is an instant result, although a little swelling or bruising can occur and take a few days to settle down (varying from patient to patient).


    Are fillers to your nose to mouth lines right for you?

    Laughing and smiling all day long does wonders for your mindset. But sometimes, it’s not so forgiving on your make-up. Oh, the creases!

    Whether you’ve considered filler to your nose to mouth lines or not, treating these lines with filler isn’t always the solution. The great thing with dermal filler is it not only fills areas (such as lips) for a plumper appearance, it lifts too.

    If your creases are soft, you may benefit more so from a cheek treatment. Lifting the area to smooth out lines rather than filling.


    Do you want to reverse the signs of ageing, like Jelena?

    If you’re also interested in treating nose to mouth or frown lines, you’re more than welcome to come into the SkinViva clinic for a free consultation where we can talk about the areas of concern and see if treatment is the right option for you.

    Head over to our treatment pages to find out more or call the clinic on 0161 865 1141.

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