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So – you’ve probably heard of a Face Lift, but have you heard of a VivaLift?

No – that’s because a VivaLift is an exclusively designed treatment at SkinViva Manchester with incredible results.

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    Just look at how amazing Sonia looks following her treatment with Dr Sharan.


    vivalift diane


    What is a VivaLift?

    Using a combination of Dermal Fillers and anti-aging injections, the VivaLift rejuvenates and redefines the shape of your face.

    The VivaLift is tailored to your specific needs and goals. The best thing is that you still look like you, but just a more refreshed and healthy version of yourself.

    Multi-micropoint™ and ArqVectoring™ are about making lots of small changes at many points across your face to make a big difference.


    Why have a VivaLift?

    The main reason for having a VivaLift is down to aging. As we get older the face turns into more of a U shape. Yet a more desirable and feminine shape is closer to a V.

    Here at SkinViva we take much more of a holistic approach to treatment. Our clinicians recognise that everything is connected and that it is best to treat the face as one.

    One of the most unique elements of a VivaLift is that it doesn’t just fill wrinkles and lines, but it also has the power to lift features of the face. This is particularly useful for saggy jowls and cheeks.

    Dr Tim says

    ‘This powerful but natural rejuvenation is exactly what the VivaLift is designed to do’

    Why not just have a surgical Face Lift?

    There are many reasons why this is better than a surgical Face Lift.

    The VivaLift starts from £1975 and can be based around your budget. This is much cheaper than a standard surgical Face Lift.

    Despite having a bit of swelling and redness, you can see the results of a VivaLift straight away.

    The Dermal Filler results are visible instantly, whereas anti-aging injections take a few days to show.

    The best part about a VivaLift is that it is a non-invasive procedure with very little pain and downtime.

    before and after



    Want to know more about a VivaLift? Have a free consultation by calling the clinic on 0161 865 1141 or e-mail contact@skinviva.com

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