#TreatmentTalk – Chin Augmentation

We want to talk to you guys about one of the most transformative treatments – Chin Augmentation!

When people think of Dermal Fillers, people tend to think of Lip Fillers or Cheek Enhancement. So – treatments such as Chin Augmentation is new to a lot of people.

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    So – we at SkinViva Manchester want to spread the word!

    before after chin augmentation

    What is Chin Augmentation?

    Chin Augmentation is a treatment that gently reshapes and contours the chin to balance with the rest of the features on your face.

    It helps to create balance, symmetry and definition.

    This is done non-surgically using an injectable gel.

    Who can have Chin Augmentation?

    Both men and women who desire an improvement to their chin can qualify. As long as they are at least 18 years old.

    For example, patients who maybe have a receding chin and want it projected outwards.

    Will it make a difference?

    Chin Augmentation can make a significant difference and change the shape of your entire face.

    The ideal feminine face is usually heart shaped whereas a masculine face is more squared.

    Filler in the chin can help sculpt and contour your face to the desired shape, with the result being seen immediately.

    Chin Augmentation can also help with smoothing out unwanted chin dimpling which can help create a more youthful appearance.

    Dr Ahmed explains how:

    ‘When you look at the face from the side, and you look at the relationship between the nose, the lips and chin, it should be harmonious. What you don’t want is a chin that is receding’.

    Will it suit my face?

    Our highly experienced clinicians only provide results that look natural and suit your face.

    They use the scientific rules of beauty and the golden ratios to make sure that it fits in with your proportions. Click here to read more about the golden ratios.

    chin before after augmentation


    Treatment: Chin Augmentation
    Price: £395 per ml
    How long does it last: between 12-24 months
    How long does it take: Around 30-45 minutes


    Keep your Chin up and book a free consultation for a Chin Augmentation, call the clinic on 0161 865 1141 or e-mail contact@skinviva.com

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