Using the very latest dermal fillers, the VivaLift is designed to rejuvenate and redefine the face shape, achieving results that would otherwise require surgery at a fraction of the cost and with immediate results and minimal aftercare, risk or recovery implications.

What's it like having a VivaLift?
Why choose a non-surgical face lift?
The 'V Shape' - VivaLift
Non-surgical face lift benefits
What does a liquid facelift cost?
SkinViva client Lynn discusses why she chose to have a VivaLift

SkinViva client Lynn discusses why she chose to have a VivaLift
Why choose a VivaLift?

The VivaLift™ utilises a new approach to placing and injecting the next generation of injectable dermal fillers and volumisers to lift and rejuvenate while maintaining a natural look that can last for up to 2 years.

It’s all about restoring your youthful ‘V’ shape in a natural way to rejuvenate you holistically, not to pick out 1 or two lines. It’s the bigger picture that’s important for looking natural and fresh.

The ‘V’shape defines a more youthful face with a defined chin area. As we age, gravity and sun exposure combine to make the skin looser, so a sharp youthful ‘V’ can become a more relaxed ‘U’ shape. This is one of the main reasons that people consider surgery, but it’s not necessary to incur the expense, risk and extensive recovery. The VivaLift is a non-surgical alternative.

Why choose a VivaLift?
The defining feature of a youthful face...

Ageing is generally associated with the appearance of lines and wrinkles. However, there are other signs too that are less well known but equally important.

One of the defining features of a younger face is the ‘V’ shape. When the skin is more youthful, it is tighter and the contours around the bone structure are sharper and more visible. Although this can depend on the person’s face shape, the jawline and chin are in general a much more distinct ‘V’ shape in youth than in middle age. As the skin loses tone and volume, the v becomes less defined:

  • The chin becomes less defined – more a ‘U’ than a ‘V’
  • Cheeks sink downwards
  • Jawbone less defined
  • Saggy jowl area
  • The face becomes broader towards the bottom
The defining feature of a youthful face...
A safer, more flexible alternative to facelift surgery...

✓ Completely non-surgical (so minimal risk of infection compared to surgery)
✓ Comfortable & relatively pain free
✓ Tailor made procedures so it’s completely customisable to you
✓ Adapted to individual budgets and requirements so is accessible for everyone
✓ Modern dermal fillers are totally reversible (unlike the permanent nature of surgery for when things go wrong)
✓ Still looks like you, but younger and fresher (colleagues and friends won’t question ‘have you had a facelift?)
✓ 45-60 minute procedure (so time off work not required unlike surgery)
✓ No downtime – if you wish, you can go straight back to work after the treatment has been completed
✓ Instantly effective – the effects of dermal fillers re-introducing volume can be seen straight away
✓ An overall fresher look so less drastic than surgery…in case you don’t want to tell your partner!
✓ Maintains a natural look without changing features (no risk of  not looking natural or still ‘you’)
✓ Ultra-fine needles, so no scars (unlike surgery!)

A safer, more flexible alternative to facelift surgery...
What does the VivaLift cost?

The VivaLift™ – exclusive to SkinViva – is tailored to each patient’s unique requirements.

The amount of correction required, lifestyle, skin types, and area of the face will all vary the amount of treatment recommended.

VivaLift Treatment Prices
Treatment Price from* Payl8r monthly from₂
Non-surgical facelift (exclusive to SkinViva) £1,975 £148.13

*Vivalift is tailored to your needs and budget. Price agreed in the appointment after consultation with the doctor or dentist.

₂ – Payl8r example based on 10% deposit and 12 months repayment with 0% interest added. Deposit, term of agreement and interest rates vary. Your agreement is with Payl8r and subject to quote and credit/affordability checks. More information: Payl8r – Buy now, pay later

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What does the VivaLift cost?
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The VivaLift techniques can be used on any one with generalised signs of ageing in the lower face that are improved when you look at your face lying on your back. This is a gentle way of simulating the kind of lift than can be achieved. It’s possible to do milder versions of the holistic approach on people in their mid 30s. and older, with very impressive results attainable at any age.

It’s not about filling lines with large amounts of filler in 1 place. The key difference with the VivaLift™ is the holistic approach using the best products available in conjunction with smarter injection techniques. The injection technique is called ArqVectoring™ instead of simple filling. Just like the supporting columns on a bridge, the filler supports at key points, so less is required for the same effect, insuring a natural look.

The VivaLift™ is a totally different approach to facial rejuvenation. Faces are not seen as ‘components’ – they are seen as one. That’s why the VivaLift’s holistic approach is so powerful but also natural looking.

The VivaLift™ can only be achieved with our specially developed Multi-micropoint™ and ArqVectoring™ techniques, and only from the SkinViva doctors that developed it.

Juvederm Volbella, Voluma and Volift are the new longest lasting hyaluronic acid fillers that are made using a new technology. Vicross technology enable the product to hold its shape and position for much longer, but is also easily reversible with another injection to dissolve it- giving unparallelled effectiveness, longevity and safety.

The effects of the dermal filler can be seen straight away but bear in mind that initially you might experience a little swelling, redness or bruising. Sometimes as part of your VivaLift our doctors will use Botox in certain parts of your face in order to relax certain lines and wrinkles to make them less visible. The effects of Botox aren't seen immediately as it takes time to work - after a couple of days you'll start to see the effects and will feel some tightening of your skin where Botox has been used. The visual effects of the Botox will be fully visible at 14 days.

The latest generation of long-lasting fillers can last from 1-2 years, depending on the patient. The effects of Botox typically last up to 4 months. At these points in time, treatments can easily be repeated taking full account of any further ageing for a natural look. This is a significant advantage over surgery, which is by definition not adjustable.

As part of understanding what you're looking to achieve and to make sure we understand your medical history and any concerns, we always offer a free consultation prior to completing treatment. This ensures you get the very best out of your Botox and dermal filler treatments.

Most people are pleasantly surprised by how little discomfort there is. Our doctors are trained in low-pain injection techniques and an anesthetic cream is applied beforehand. The Juvederm product range also contains an anaesthetic within the filler. The average person finds the treatment very comfortable.

Like any injection, you might experience some redness, swelling or a bruise. Your doctor will go over the benefits and risks at your consultation.

This depends largely on the signs of ageing you have. Each treatment is unique because we all age differently. At your free, no obligation
consultation a full quote will be prepared by your doctor. Interest-free direct options are available for an initial deposit payable upfront.

The VivaLift™ techniques are effective as soon as signs of ageing start, usually in your 30s. The procedure is not suitable if you are taking blood thinning products like warfarin or if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Your doctor will advise you further at your consultation.

The best feedback we get is ‘people keep commenting on how well I look’. The VivaLift™ makes small changes at multiple points of the face, meaning you will look natural but totally refreshed.

The VivaLift™ is only performed by highly trained doctors using an easily reversible and extensively tested dermal filler. What's more, unlike surgery, there's no downtime, minimal risk of infection, and is a very comfortable procedure.

SkinViva’s Multi-micropoint™ approach is about making lots of small changes at many points across your face. The end result is highly
effective, but still natural looking. This means you don't get the drastic looks sometimes associated with a traditional facelift - you'll still look like 'you' with fresher and more youthful.

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