Upper Lip Lines

Softening upper lip lines is a great confidence booster and appreciated once lipstick is applied. The treatment is done with the lightest and softest dermal filler and gives instant results.

Why choose upper lip line treatment?

Lines on the top lip detract from the face’s second most important feature, the mouth. If you feel these lines are knocking your confidence, this is the treatment for you. It’s long lasting, safe and easily reversible.

Over time we may start to see small lines coming out from the borders of the lips (particularly the upper lips). Often they extend vertically from the lips and are sometimes called smokers’ lines or lipstick lines.

Despite common thinking about smoking being the main factor, these lines are  also the result of volume loss that comes with age but also due to repetitive pursing of the lips and creasing of the tissue due to intense muscular activity. That said, smoking is likely to be a major contributory cause due to the toxins in cigarettes damaging the skin and regular pursing of the lips. Consequently, the lines that form may cause your lipstick to bleed hence the name lipstick lines.

Unfortunately, early onset of lines around the mouth and volume loss in the border of the lips (known as the vermillion border) can often may us look much older than we really are as our eyes are instinctively drawn to the mouth area. Fortunately, the treatments available from the SkinViva Aesthetic Clinicians can deliver an impressive reduction in these signs of ageing.

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    How does upper lip line treatment work?

    Long lasting results with dermal fillers...

    During your consultation, your SkinViva expert will assess your face to understand the causes, type and extent of your upper lip lines in order to decide what treatment will work best. Often treated with advanced dermal fillers – such as Juvederm. Each treatment is tailored precisely to your needs and your unique features. Our Aesthetic Clinicians always work to make our treatments fit in with the correct natural proportions, and it’s nowhere more important than the lips.

    Your Aesthetic Clinician will consult you on your choice of treatment but will recommend either a treatment or a combination of approaches to get the best results. The strength of your mouth muscles and how deep your upper lip lines are will have a bearing on the best treatment choice for you.

    For deeper lines, a soft, light dermal filler is carefully placed to preserve natural definition and shape, while also softening lines, for a natural looking result. In addition, adding subtle volume to the lips will further benefit the upper lip lines by gently plumping out the lines and elongating the lip which has contracted over time.



    How much does upper lip line treatment cost?

    Upper lip lines can be treated with either BOTOX® or dermal fillers here at our Manchester clinic.

    SkinViva prides itself on offering superior quality cosmetic skin treatments delivered by an elite team of Aesthetic Clinicians with value-for-money prices.

    We also offer an affordable interest-free monthly payment option for clients who prefer to spread the cost. prefer to spread the cost.

    Upper lip line treatment prices

    Treatment Price 6 monthly payments Deposit
    Upper Lip Lines (1ml) £205.00 £17.08 £102.50
    Premium Lip Lines (1ml) £425.00 £35.42 £212.50

    * Filler prices based on 1ml. Most clients will require 2ml or more.

    Please note that the amount of correction required, lifestyle factors and skin types will all impact on the longevity of your treatment.

    Read more about Dermal Fillers

    Interest free monthly payment scheme – payments and deposits will be based on a set number of treatments in contract and a specific number of payments.

    For an even more in depth look at our cosmetic skin treatment prices, why not check out our full Price List.

    Got a Question?

    What is the consultation for?
    SkinViva provide consultations free of charge for all clients before every treatment. This is an essential review and assessment of your concerns so that the clinician can recommend the most suitable treatment, if they deem that treatment is appropriate.
    What is dermal filler and how does it work?
    Skin is made up of three vital layers: the hypodermis, the dermis and the epidermis. The hypodermis, the deepest level of skin, consists of fatty tissue, which cushions the layers above it.

    Immediately on top of that is the dermis, which contains collagen and elastin – two key attributes to a youthful appearance. Constantly renewed in the young, production of these slow dramatically with age.

    The epidermis, or top layer, is the home of crucial cell renewal. In young skin, cells are replaced every 15-30 days, but this slows to every 60 days in later adulthood.

    Dermal filler replaces lost volume and treats static facial lines by replenishing the natural hyaluronic acid content of the skin.
    What’s the difference between dermal fillers and BOTOX®?
    BOTOX® works to relax the muscles under the skin which then has a tightening or softening effect on the wrinkles visible on the skin. Dermal fillers work to replace volume and change the shape of the skin's surface by being injecting just below the skin.
    Which areas can dermal fillers treat?
    Essentially, the lower-half of the face. As well as plumping up lips, dermal fillers correct ever-present lines and lost volume around the forehead, cheeks and upper lip. They also add volume to thinning or crepey skin across hands and the upper body.
    Which dermal filler should I choose?
    We'll advice you of the best dermal filler that suitable for your upper lip lines. The SkinViva team are big believers in the Juvederm range which gives consistently good results and contains a local numbing anaesthetic to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.
    How much will a dermal filler treatment cost?
    We charge per syringe of dermal filler. Deeper lines or greater volume loss require more syringes of dermal filler.
    Will I get a so-called trout pout with dermal fillers?
    No. Famous cases of these resulted from permanent lip implants – not the non-permanent hyaluronic acid dermal fillers we use. In addition to this, SkinViva Clinicians are highly experienced at providing a natural, subtle result.
    Will the dermal filler become hard or noticeable to touch?
    No. The dermal fillers we use take on the characteristics of the body’s own tissue so the product itself won’t be noticeable.
    What is BOTOX® and how does it work?
    When BOTOX® is injected into a muscle it activates a process called selective muscle denervation.

    This is when the neuromuscular junction – where the nerve and muscle meet – has its receptors blocked from acetylcholine: the chemical which forces the muscle to contract.

    Therefore, even though the nerve continues to send a signal which requests movement, the tissue does not receive the instruction and the muscle remains still.

    Over 3-5 months, the muscle gradually grows new receptors and is able to contract again.

    BOTOX® is most effective in the correction of lines which are formed from muscle contractions alone. Because the underlying muscle doesn’t move, the skin above it no longer creases.

    Thus, the effects of BOTOX® are most noticeable in frown and laughter lines.

    BOTOX® does not remove wrinkles which are permanently engraved in the skin, regardless of muscle movement, although it may soften them.
    How can BOTOX® help my lips?
    Using BOTOX®, the muscles in your lips are temporarily relaxed over a period of 3-4 months thus reducing the muscular actions which makes the lines so prominent (a preventative effect). BOTOX® also has a positive effect on the use of dermal filler in the lips by improving its longevity. As well as injecting the vermillion border of the lips, BOTOX® is placed in the  orbicularis oris muscle which surrounds the mouth.
    Which areas can BOTOX® treat?
    Mostly, the top half of face where wrinkles are deepened by smiling and frowning. However, BOTOX® also corrects crow’s feet, forehead lines, grooves above the upper lip and gummy smiles.
    How soon will I see the results of BOTOX®?
    Initial effects appear within 2-5 days and continue to improve for two weeks, when they then reach optimal appearance.

    With SkinViva, we contact you one week after your BOTOX® treatment to determine if you require a free top-up injection. If necessary, this is administered around 14 days after the original treatment.
    Does BOTOX® hurt?
    No. SkinViva uses the smallest needles on the market, so few customers experience even mild discomfort. Likewise, unlike some other operators, our Clinicians are trained to use a high turnover of needles per client, so bruising is minimised.

    If you prefer, ice or local anaesthetic cream can be applied to minimise sensation.
    How long does BOTOX® last?
    Usually 3-4 months. In some cases, 6 months.
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