Temple Hollows

SkinViva's temple hollow treatment is designed to tackle the dips that can appear on the temples, opening out the eye area.

Why choose temple hollow treatment?
How does temple hollow treatment work?
Dr Tim says...
What is the price of temple hollow treatment?
Why choose temple hollow rejuvenation?

Smoothing Away Ageing Hollows

While many people think first of treating wrinkles, it is the bigger changes to the facial structure which can be more ageing.

SkinViva’s new temple hollow treatment is designed to tackle the dips that can appear on the temples.

This is the area on the side of the head, close to the eyes. When volume is lost here, it can give the face quite a gaunt and unhealthy look, which patients dislike.


Why choose temple hollow rejuvenation?
Temple hollow rejuvenation with dermal fillers...

Treating the temple hollows area is something that many practitioners don’t even contemplate, yet use of modern dermal fillers can achieve remarkable results. The revolumisation looks very natural yet the anti-ageing effect is immediate and highly effective.

This is a sophisticated treatment which is available with SkinViva’s doctors and dentists, who have been trained and mentored by Clinical Director Dr Tim Pearce in his own specially developed techniques.

Temple hollow rejuvenation with dermal fillers...

Dr Tim Pearce, MBChB BSc (hons) MRCGP particularly enjoys this area of treatment as he finds the results so rewarding:

Temple Hollows are one of the less commonly talked about signs of ageing – mainly because our eyes are usually drawn to lines and wrinkles caused by volume loss, rather than the volume loss itself.

Volume loss in the temple gives what is sometimes described as a ‘skeletal’ appearance, causing a shadow in the area that is never present in youth.  The skeletal description is quite accurate – the change is actually the shape of the bones revealed by volume loss.

Filling this area with a dermal filler such as Juvederm Ultra or Juvederm Voluma gives an instant improvement  and lasts longer than the average dermal filler treatment and delivers a completely natural looking rejuvenation.

What does temple hollow rejuvenation cost?

SkinViva prides itself on offering superior quality cosmetic skin treatments delivered by an elite team of doctors & dentists with value-for-money prices. Most treatments include an affordable interest-free direct debit option.

Product (1ml syringe) Prices Monthly Prices
Juvederm Volbella £595 (Additional syringes charged at £595 each) £49.17

* Monthly price listed is an example for illustrative purposes and is based on 3 treatments in your package. Deposit payable at appointment. Monthly payments start around one month later. Credit check required.

For an even more in depth look at our cosmetic skin treatment prices, why not check out our full price list.

Please note that the amount of correction required, lifestyle, skin types, and area of the face will all vary the longevity of treatment results & amount of treatment recommended

What does temple hollow rejuvenation cost?
Before and after

Take a look at how temple hollow treatment can make the face look younger and fresher.

Before and after
Before and after

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The technique is ideal for anybody who finds hollows or depressions appearing to the side of their eyes on the temples.

Our doctors favour long-lasting Juvederm. Hyaluronic acid facial fillers that are made using a new technology which enables it to retain its shape and position for much longer.

Yes, if required the filler can be dissolved with another injection. This very rarely happens, but it good to know for those cautious about having treatment.

Results of temple hollow treatment can last from 1-2 years, depending on the patient. When results fade with time, treatment can be repeated and indeed adjusted to suit the patient.

Our Doctors will always provide a consultation before treatment. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer this consultation free of charge to enable patients to fully discuss and understand their treatment without having any financial commitment.

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