Tear Troughs

The eyes are easily the most important feature on the face. Their ability to be a highlight of the face is diminished by lines, wrinkles, eyelash loss, eyebrow drooping and cheek volume loss – all things that can be gently  and effectively restored by highly trained SkinViva aesthetic medical professionals.

Why choose tear trough rejuvenation?

For patients who are struggling with the ageing appearance of under-eye shadows or bags, it can be frustrating. Some might even contemplate surgery, which is a drastic step with a high price tag and long recovery.

Treating the area beneath the eyes is quite an advanced application of non-surgical treatments. In fact, many practitioners just concentrate on treating crow’s feet, but neglecting the under-eye area means that patients are not receiving the full benefit of treatments available.

Treating tear troughs is a sophisticated treatment which can offer excellent results for the patient. Treatment is available with SkinViva’s expert clinicians, who have been trained and mentored by Clinical Director Dr Tim Pearce in his own specially developed techniques.

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    How do dermal fillers improve tear troughs?

    Treating tear troughs with dermal filler

    The area between the lower eyelid and upper cheek is referred to as the tear trough – think of the area where your tears glide into when you cry. As we get older this area becomes deeper, darker and more noticeable.

    The SkinViva aesthetic medical professionals use a smooth injectable gel known as a dermal filler in order to raise the hollow/valley just beneath your eye to be back at the level of the surrounding tissue. This has the effect of smoothing your skin and reducing the shadow, dark area, and impression of hollow eyes.

    Treating the tear troughs is an advanced non-surgical procedure and the experience of the clinician is key in order to prevent lumps, bumps and unwanted side effects. This is why all the SkinViva clinicians are specifically trained in how to carry out effective tear trough rejuvenation procedures.

    Before and after tear trough treatment results show a reduction in eye bags for a smoother appearance

    Before and after tear trough treatment - noticeable reduction in the appearance of dark circles

    Tear trough treatment results show a fresher look

    Tear trough treatment is also popular among our male clients. Instantly younger-looking eyes

    Dr Tim on...tear trough rejuvenation

    Dr Tim talks about his love of treating tear troughs with dermal filler

    Dr Tim Pearce, MBChB BSc (hons) MRCGP particularly enjoys this area of treatment as he finds the results so rewarding:

    “The treatment of the shadow that develops under the eyes has become one of my favourite areas to treat.

    Many clients do not realise it is even possible until they have had a detailed consultation.

    The eyes are the most delicate area of the face to inject so it is important to inject with great care and precision in order not to damage the delicate tissues.

    Clients often comment on how slowly and gently the injections are applied.

    Despite the sensitivity of the eye area, the slowness of injections makes it a surprisingly comfortable treatment experience with some reporting that it was actually without any pain or discomfort.

    One of the best things about this treatment is the naturalness of the result, and how it instantly makes you look less tired and generally fresher. Because there is so little movement in the area, the treatment also lasts a very long time.”

    What does tear trough rejuvenation cost?

    Tear trough treatment prices

    Tear trough treatment prices Price 6 monthly payments Deposit
    Juvederm Volbella 1ml or Redensity 2 £625.00 £52.08 £212.50

    Lyndsey's Journey

    Hear from SkinViva client Lyndsey about why she chose to have her Tear Troughs treated

    Tear trough treatment demonstration by Dr Tim Pearce

    Got a Question?

    Does the tear trough procedure hurt?
    No, there's actually little or no pain reported by most patients. We apply a local anaesthetic in the form of a numbing cream around the eye area prior to the treatment to make it comfortable for you.
    Who is the Tear Trough Treatment for?
    The technique is ideal for anybody who is struggling with dark shadows, hollows or ‘bags’ beneath the eyes.

    They may find that they look tired all the time, even when well-rested.
    What product is used?
    Our aesthetic medical professionals favour long-lasting Juvederm Volbella, hyaluronic acid facial fillers that are made using a new technology which enables it to retain its shape and position for much longer, but is also easily reversible with another injection to dissolve it- giving unparalleled effectiveness, longevity and safety.
    Is treatment reversible?
    Yes, if required the filler can be dissolved with another injection. This very rarely happens, but it good to know for those cautious about having treatment.
    How long do the results last?
    Results of tear trough treatment can last from 1-2 years, depending on the patient. When results fade with time, treatment can be repeated and indeed adjusted to suit the patient.
    Do I need any consultation before treatment?
    Our aesthetic medical professionals will always provide a consultation before treatment. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer this consultation free of charge to enable patients to fully discuss and understand their treatment without having any financial commitment.
    Why choose SkinViva for your tear trough rejuvenation?
    SkinViva specialises in injectable procedures. Our clinicians carry out literally hundreds of successful dermal filler procedures each month meaning they're highly experienced at what they do. The tear trough under-eye hollows procedures is an advanced procedure which all the SkinViva aesthetic medical professionals are specifically trained in the very latest techniques. It's important to all patients that only experienced clinicians carry out procedures around the eye and this is where SkinViva can assure you of a high-degree of experience and expertise.
    Who's not suitable for this treatment?
    Some people may not be suitable for this procedure and alternative treatments may be required. Patients who have fat deposits or excess saggy skin beneath the eye may not be suitable. Booking a free consultation though is the best way to find out for sure the treatment which is most suitable for you.
    What side effects might there be?
    Some bruising and redness is common after this kind of dermal filler treatment of the tear trough, but typically resolves within a week. Patients should bear this in mind if they have an important event or holiday coming up.
    How long will my tear trough results last?
    Using Juvederm Volbella treatment results can last from 9 months but for some patients results last well over a year and possibly up to 2 years. Lifestyle (e.g. smoking, exercise and alcohol) and skin type both play their role in how long your results with last.
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