Stretch Marks

Stretch mark caused by pregnancy, weight gain or rapid growth can be a barrier to confidence. Luckily, the SkinViva Aesthetic Clinicians can have a positive effect on the appearance of stretch marks with a safe and effective skin needling procedure.

Why choose to treat stretch marks?

Stretch marks can be a big dampener on a women’s self confidence as they can appear in a number of different areas on the body. Although drinking water and moisturising will help, it will not remove marks completely. Treatments like ‘Genuine Dermaroller’ are a great way to tackle stretch marks and revitalise skin.

Rapid stretching of the skin from weight gain or sudden growth are the primary causes of stretch marks. Although it appears like the marks exist on the surface of the skin it’s actually a series of tears in the middle layer of skin (known as the dermis) which show through on to the skin’s surface.

In addition to the tearing, many people are uncomfortable with the small red blood vessels which show through on to the surface of the skin that have resulted from the tears. This is also the reason why fresh stretch marks are often purple or red in colouring. Over time the blood vessels will contract leaving only the fatty tissue visible under the skin and so eventually the stretch marks take the form of a silvery-white colour by which time they are harder to treat.

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    How do we treat stretch marks?

    Stretch mark treatment...

    Wide red stretch marks can become pale and thinner using a micro-needling treatment that accelerates recovery by breaking down old scar tissue. The device penetrates the skin with thousands of microscopic needles, generating structural repair. The skin’s natural healing process then stimulates an immune response, which increases collagen and elastin production for a plump, smooth finish.

    Depending on the extent of your stretch marks, your SkinViva will recommend a course of treatment. As an indicator, a course of 5 dermaroller sessions may be recommended for you.

    When you arrive at your appointment, you will first undergo a consultation with your Aesthetic Clinician to understand your requirements and manage your expectations. Next, an anaesthetic numbing cream is applied to the area of concern and is typically left to work over around 30 minutes. Once the area has been cleaned up the practitioner will move the skin needling device over your skin to cause local micro traumas to trigger the body’s healing response. As part of the included aftercare, we give you a cooling cream and advanced sun protection to protect your skin in the following days.

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    After Treatment

    What does stretch mark treatment cost?

    Dermaroller skin needling sessions available at our Manchester clinic. See below for prices:

    SkinViva prides itself on offering superior quality cosmetic skin treatments delivered by an elite team of aesthetic medical professionals with value-for-money prices.

    We also offer an affordable interest-free monthly payment option for clients who prefer to spread the cost.

    Stretch mark treatment prices

    Treatment Price Monthly From
    1 session £250.00 £0.00

    Interest free monthly payment scheme – payments and deposits will be based on a set number of treatments in contract and a specific number of payments.

    Please note that the amount of correction required, lifestyle factors and skin types will all impact on the longevity of your treatment.

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    Got a Question?

    How much is stretch mark treatment?
    Prices start at £250 per session.
    Does the treatment hurt?
    We use an anaesthetic numbing cream prior to treatment. This ensures that the treatment is comfortable throughout. You will feel a sensation of the roller prickling the skin, but it should not be painful.
    Any discomfort after treatment can normally be managed very easily using a cooling cream and normal painkillers.
    Will it bleed?
    There will be some slight bleeding as the skin is punctured with tiny needles. This normally heals quite quickly as the wounds are not very large.
    Can I use a Dermaroller at home?
    SkinViva only use Genuine Dermarollers which have a CE mark. They are sterile, single use rollers with surgical needles. You can buy microneedling rollers to use at home, but they are not necessarily made to medical standards and crucially, the home appliances tend to have smaller needles, so will be less effective on body areas such as stretch marks.
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