Lip Fillers

There’s a real artistry to creating the perfect lips.

SkinViva’s Aesthetic Clinicians use their years of experience and skill to carefully volumise your lips with advanced injectable lip fillers using the key principles of the golden ratio.

The result is defined, balanced, and symmetrical lips that enhances your natural beauty and sends your confidence soaring.

Why choose to increase lip volume?

Some of us naturally don’t have the volume we hope for in our lips and lip borders and the Cupid’s bow are less well defined in some people than in others.

Perhaps you’ve noticed one or more of the following when looking at yourself in the mirror:

  • Thin lip volume – lips look don’t look as full or as plump as you’d like
  • Flat or poorly pronounced shape to your lips – particularly noticeable with a less defined shape to your Cupid’s bow
  • A poorly border (known as the Vermillion Border) to the outside of the lips
  • Flat or poorly shaped ridge between the upper lips and the nose – known as the Philtrum Ridge

The SkinViva aesthetic medical professionals understand how the shape and definition of your lips can hugely affect confidence and whether it’s about wanting to make a statement and simply feel better in yourself, we’re very much here to help.

SkinViva’s Exclusive Da Vinci Lips

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    Volumising treatment for lips

    Lip filler can also address imbalance between top and bottom lip for perfect proportions

    Lip filler by our Aesthetic Clinicians

    Before and after lip filler at our Manchester clinic

    Subtle and natural-looking results

    Flattering results

    How lip volumisation with dermal filler works

    Beautifully enhanced lips with dermal filler

    The SkinViva aesthetic medical professionals will analyse your lip proportions in relation to your nose, jaw, chin then plan a treatment that makes your lips fit beautifully. Time is spent analysing and shaping the details of your cupids bows, vermillion border and philtrum ridges (which run from the bottom of your nose to the top of your lips) to ensure the subtle details are present.

    Prior to attending your treatment, a numbing cream is applied to your lips making the procedure comfortable for you. Following consultation, once you and your clinician have agreed the perfect shape for your lips, a ultra-fine needle is used to inject a gel-like substance called dermal filler into lips in carefully chosen positions and shapes.

    The result is a perfect set of lips that help you love your look.

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    What does lip filler cost

    Juvederm lip filler prices

    Treatment Price 6 monthly payments Deposit
    Lip Enhancement (1ml) £269.00 £22.42 £134.50
    Upper Lip Lines (1ml) £205.00 £17.08 £102.50
    Premium 'Da Vinci' Lip Enhancement (1ml) £425.00 £35.42 £212.50
    Premium Lip Lines (1ml) £425.00 £35.42 £212.50

    Got a Question?

    What is it like having lip filler?
    This video shows a patient having treatment with fabulous results

    Do I need a consultation before treatment?
    Yes. All SkinViva treatments require a through consultation prior to treatment to ensure we help you in the best possible way.

    We provide this service free of charge and you'll get excellent advice from one of our aesthetic medical professionals based on your requirements, as well as any past treatments and relevant medical history.
    What products do you use?
    SkinViva's Aesthetic Clinicians only use Juvederm fillers.

    Juvederm products are the most advanced in the market and have been perfected using years of clinical research. You can choose between the Ultra range or the newer, longer lasting, Vycross range.

    All Juvederm fillers are made of Hyaluronic acid which is a substance that occurs naturally in the skin, which also means that they are all completely reversible and if left, will break down naturally over time.
    Will I swell?
    It is very common for your lips to become quite swollen and bruised for a few days after your treatment. There are steps that you can take to lessen the impact of this, such as applying a cold compress to your lips to bring down the swelling and regularly using Arnica Gel to reduce the bruising.

    If you feel that your lips are excessively swollen and are getting worse, or if the swelling is accompanied by severe pain, get in touch with our Customer Experience team straight away and they will advise whether you need an emergency appointment with one of our aestheticians.
    Will it hurt?
    The lips are one of the most sensitive areas on the face, so discomfort during the treatment is normal and can be expected.

    However, all Juvederm fillers contain a numbing agent to lessen the pain of the procedure. You will also be provided with numbing cream for your lips on arrival. These things will help with any discomfort but are unlikely to mask the sensation completely.
    What if I don’t like it?
    It is important to remember that the way your lips look for the few days following your treatment, is not the finished result.

    Swelling and bruising can take up to two weeks to completely subside, so you should wait until this point before considering any further action. If you are still unhappy with your result after the two-week point, then you should book in for a follow up with one of our aesthetic clinicians who can make any alterations or even dissolve the filler altogether for you.

    If you feel that your swelling and bruising is abnormal or is getting worse over time, get in touch with our Customer Experience team and they will evaluate whether you need to be seen sooner by a clinician.
    Will they look natural?
    All SkinViva aesthetic medical professionals are trained in the art of aesthetics and facial proportion. Using the Da Vinci Technique, our experts will only administer as much of the product as it takes to maintain a perfect ratio, giving you a beautiful result that fits your features and won’t make you look over treated.
    How soon can I come back for more treatment?
    If you are unhappy with your result, you can book in for a follow up with one of our Aesthetic Clinicians two weeks after your appointment.

    If necessary, they may provide a top up for you during this appointment however, they may also decide that adding more filler would unbalance your features and may suggest an alternative instead.
    What if they’re not big enough?
    Our clinicians endeavour to give you beautiful, natural results that are perfect for you every time. But if after two weeks, you are unhappy with the size of your lips and feel that they could be a little bigger, simply book in for a follow up with one of our clinicians who will evaluate whether more filler would be appropriate and, if you need it, will administer a top up free of charge.
    What do I do if I develop lumps?
    Occasionally after you have been injected, the filler can settle and form lumps under the skin. This is completely normal and will require a follow up after two weeks with one of our aesthetic medical professionals, to massage it out. The filler will still be easy to manipulate at this point and you will be left with a smooth result.

    However, sometimes the lumps in your skin are caused by a reaction. If you notice that the lumps are accompanied by pain and/or swelling that does not subside within a week, give our customer service team a call and they will arrange for a clinician to see you as soon as possible because you may need a prescription of steroids.

    If the pain and swelling is severe and is getting worse, give our Customer Experience team a call right away and they will advise whether you require an emergency appointment with one of our aesthetic clinicians that day.

    Real Patient Story

    Rachel's experience of lip filler treatment

    “I’d always had a thin top lip and it knocked my confidence to be honest as I felt I just didn’t look great.

    “Eventually I plucked up courage to go to SkinViva for a consultation for lip fillers. I chose them because of their reviews. I liked how the clinician helped me realise that what I thought I needed was only part of the story. Turns out there’s a lot more to creating better lips than just adding filler!

    “Dr Sharan told me that by filling the area above the top lip she could give me a better pout. Also she recommended creating a stronger cupid’s bow for a sexier look. I also had a small amount of filler put into my bottom lip to balance the overall look.

    “From start to finish the appointment took about 40 mins and to my surprise I didn’t feeling a thing (magic numbing cream!). Now I go out with confidence with my fuller sexy lips.”

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