Jawline Contouring for Men

A strong male jawline is something that many men aspire to.

Jawline contouring for men is a treatment that uses advanced Dermal Fillers to enhance the jawline, creating a more defined profile and projection. It can improve the silhouette both from the side and the front. It can also have a rejuvenating or slimming effect.

Why choose jawline contouring treatment?

Jawline contouring is one of the most popular treatments among our male clients.

Our Aesthetic Clinicians use the latest long-lasting Juvéderm dermal filler to carefully enhance the natural contours of the jaw. We understand how a firm jawline can be seen to emphasise masculinity and will fully discuss the aesthetic impact of what you’re trying to achieve before treatment.

Jawline contouring can achieve a number of different impacts:

  • Improve definition of the jawline
  • Create a more masculine silhouette – a ‘chiselled jaw”
  • Enhance the profile of the chin, making it wider and more prominent
  • Rejuvenate the appearance of the face, particularly in the lower face and neck area
  • Reduce the appearance of saggy neck/double chin
  • Slimming effect

Based in central Manchester, our clinic is highly accessible and equipped to the latest standards. We only use top brand dermal fillers and our Aesthetic Clinicians are highly trained and experienced in carrying out non-surgical procedures both for men and women.

Results are natural-looking yet effective.

What our patients say

One of our male clients said:

“I’m happy… people think I look different but they don’t know why.’”


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    Male jawline enhancement before and after results

    Results of dermal filler jawline enhancement

    male non-surgical treatments nav

    How does jawline treatment work?

    Dermal fillers for jawline contouring and re-shaping

    Our clinicians use advanced long-lasting dermal fillers to add definition to the jawline. The contouring procedure is not permanent, but can be repeated when results wear off in a year or two.

    Sculpting the jawline adds definition, which can create a stronger look and also make it appear slimmer. It can be combined with Aqualyx fat reduction injections to reduce excess fatty deposits and tackle a double chin.

    Treatment can also include Chin Augmentation and/or Cheek Enhancement to create the perfect profile.

    What does it cost to treat the jawline?

    Dermal filler costs for jawline contouring

    Jawline Treatment Prices

    Treatment Price 6 monthly payments Deposit
    Juvederm Volift dermal fillers 1ml*
    Lasting around 15 months
    £425.00 £35.42 £212.50

    Got a Question?

    Does it hurt?
    Juvéderm dermal fillers incorporate a local anaesthetic, so there is little or no discomfort during the procedure. We even apply a numbing cream so it doesn't even hurt when the needle/cannula goes in.
    What type of dermal filler do you use?
    Our recommended product range is Juvéderm dermal fillers.

    For procedures such as jawline, chin and cheek enhancement, we recommend the advanced long-lasting formulations for best results.
    How long does jawline contouring take?
    This depends on the extent of correction required, but typically will take less than an hour - including the pre-treatment consultation.
    How long does jawline contouring last?
    The dermal fillers we use are not permanent, but they are long-lasting. Jawline contouring results will last around 18-24 months. You are welcome to return for additional treatment as the results wear off. Having regular treatment is the best way to maintain your look. We can also adjust the treatment each time to address any other changes as your face changes with age.
    When will I see the results?
    Dermal filler has instant results - you see the difference straightaway.
    Are there any side-effects?
    Any side-effects tend to be minor and temporary in nature. You may find the area red and swollen for the first day or so, but this will pass quickly. Some clients experience temporary bruising. If you have any concerns, please do get in touch.
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