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Botox® injections can be used to prevent jaw clenching for a slimmer and more relaxed appearance

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Why choose Botox® for Jaw Clenching?

Clenching your jaw can have negative side effects both aesthetically and physically. Someone who clenches their jaw a lot might find that it starts to become squarer, making the lower half of their face look heavy.

Overuse of your masseters (jaw muscles) has also been linked with headaches and can cause tooth pain and even shoulder pain as the tension spreads.

Botox injections can be used to prevent jaw clenching which can reduce the size of the muscles in your jaw, giving it a slimmer, more balanced appearance. As the treatment starts to take effect, it also has the added benefit of reducing the tension caused by overusing the jaw muscle.

Someone might choose to have this treatment if they clench their jaw when they feel stressed or if they are unhappy with the size of their jaw.

All our doctors and dentists are trained to the highest standard in injecting and are experienced in treating jaw clenching with Botox; to find out more or to book in for your free consultation just call 0161 865 1141.

Why choose Botox® for Jaw Clenching?
How does Botox® for jaw clenching work?

Botox for jaw clenching works by blocking the muscle receptors that are responsible for movement and as such, the jaw is unable to clench as strongly.

Over time, the muscle becomes weaker and starts to reduce in size, which has the effect of slimming down the jawline and creates a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

How does Botox® for jaw clenching work?

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This depends on the person. Experts say that the treatment should last between 3 and 4 months; however, some people have reported that the effects of the Botox have lasted much longer and some have even reported a permanent change to their jaw muscles.

As with all Botox treatments, there is a risk of some bruising, redness and some light swelling around the injection sites, but these should settle within a few days.

For the first few hours, it is important to stay upright and for the first couple of days, avoid doing anything strenuous that may cause your temperature to rise. You should also try to activate the area using the muscles for an hour at a time, this will help the Botox to start working.

The needle used to administer this treatment is very fine, much smaller than a typical injection needle. You may feel some scratching and discomfort but the treatment is not painful.

The initial consultation with one of our experienced doctors is free of charge. This means that you can discuss all your concerns about jaw clenching or grinding your teeth with a qualified and experienced doctor or dentist to work out whether you feel this treatment is right for you.

You can normally have the Botox® treatment at the same appointment if you wish to go ahead, but there's no obligation and no pressure.

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