Dermaroller Before and After Photos

See Microneedling Treatment Results

Our before and after pictures show what results can be achieved with the Genuine Dermaroller microneedling treatment.  

Microneedling works by stimulating the skin’s own recovery and healing processes, building collagen and boosting skin cell production for tighter, firmer skin. This means that Dermaroller is an incredibly versatile treatment which can be used for a range of purposes. Anti-ageing is a very popular application and Dermaroller works to boost the health of the skin, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and producing a healthier complexion. However, it can also help with acne, pores, sun damage and even scarring or stretch marks.

Treatment is available at SkinViva clinics in Manchester and the North West. See our guide to locations.

Dermaroller improving acne and acne scarring

dermaroller acne results
dermaroller results

Even historic scarring can be improved

dermaroller before and after

Anti-Ageing Results with Dermaroller Microneedling

dermaroller anti ageing results

Dermaroller for Stretch Marks

Before and after treatment

Before and after treatment

More About Dermaroller Treatment

Dermaroller works to improve the skin from within. It has a host of uses for the face and can also be used on the body.

Find out more about Dermaroller microneedling – how it works, pricing and more.

More About Dermaroller treatment
More About Dermaroller Treatment

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