Corrective Treatments

SkinViva Clinic has worked hard to provide safe and effective treatments for our patients with flattering results to be proud of. Unfortunately, more and more we are seeing patients who have had disappointing results elsewhere and require ‘corrective work’.

There’s no need to hide away, our experienced Aesthetic Clinicians are highly trained medics and we’re here to help.

Why choose corrective treatment?

Adjustment and/or reversal of dermal and lip filler

Cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers and lip filler are now a common and popular choice for anti-ageing and cosmetic improvement.

Unfortunately, cases of unsatisfactory treatments carried out elsewhere are also increasingly frequent.

More often than not, it’s a simple case that the client is unhappy with the results and is struggling to get any satisfaction from their provider. In some cases, things are more serious and instances of treatments ‘gone wrong’ do occur.

Consultation for corrective treatments

SkinViva Clinic is pleased to review clients seeking corrective treatments. This could be an adjustment to your treatment or a full reversal of dermal fillers followed by repeat treatment.

The consultation is with no obligation, so it’s worth finding out if we can help or just give a second opinion.

At SkinViva, all injectable treatments are carried out by highly experienced Aesthetic Clinicians. Our team is all medically trained and has additional training and expertise in non-surgical treatments. They’re also trained in handling complications should anything go wrong. While we’re happy to advise on suspected complications, in some cases it is important to get rapid medical attention and you may find the NHS is the best option.

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    Dermal filler & lip filler

    Corrective treatment options/examples

    • Addressing asymmetry
    • Smoothing out bumpy, lumpy texture
    • Reversal of hyalyronic acid (temporary) dermal fillers and lip filler
    • Replacement of dermal fillers and lip filler
    • Creating a more sympathetic result by adjusting other areas of the face

    BOTOX® injections

    Corrective treatment options/examples

    • Unlike dermal fillers, BOTOX® is not reversible
    • Botulinum toxin is expelled by the body within a matter of days. The effects wear off over 4-6 months, but this can’t be accelerated
    • Due to the way it works, there is a limit to corrective work on BOTOX®
    • Depending on circumstances, we may be able to improve the overall result by addressing other areas of the face

    Corrective treatment before and after results photos

    Lip filler reversal and replacement

    Patient presented with uneven and overdone lip fillers

    Dr Mona used hyalase to reverse the dermal fillers

    New lip filler treatment - natural and attractive results

    Corrective lip filler photos - reversal and replacement

    What’s the price of corrective treatment?

    Corrective treatments tend to be bespoke. You’ll receive a quote during your consultation based on the Clinician’s appraisal of your requirements. Should you require replacement or additional treatment, our normal prices would apply as shown below.

    SkinViva’s corrective and cosmetic treatments are all carried out by an elite team of aesthetic medical professionals with value-for-money prices.

    We also offer an affordable interest-free monthly payment option for clients who prefer to spread the cost.

    Treatment Upfront price from
    Treatment review fee (consultation with Clinician) £100
    Corrective treatment POA

    Corrective treatment prices are quoted individually after assessment by an Aesthetic Clinician.

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    Got a Question?

    Corrective treatment FAQ

    How do you reverse dermal fillers?
    We use a product called hyaluronidase. This is a specially-formulated enzyme which can dissolve the effect of overdone or unwanted hyaluronic acid filler results.
    Will hyaluronidase get rid of all the dermal fillers?
    Hyaluronidase is an injectable treatment which targets specific areas. It is a selective and precise treatment.
    How long does dermal filler reversal take?
    The hyaluronidase injections start to work almost straightaway to dissolve unwanted fillers. You can expect to see some improvement during the consultation itself. However, it will take 1-2 days to completely break down the old filler. At this point, you'll just be seeing the original facial contours.
    Do I need an initial consultation before a dermal filler corrective treatment?
    Yes, we always provide a consultation before treatment, but this is especially important in the case of corrective treatments. There is no obligation, but if you choose to go ahead with treatment, you can usually start the treatment during the same appointment. Note, a Treatment Review fee applies - see pricing table above.
    Where does the dermal filler go after hyaluronidase reversal treatment?
    The dermal filler is broken down naturally within the body. It is not physically removed, but will be expelled through normal bodily processes.
    Will my wrinkles be worse than they were before?
    Your appearance will simply return to how it was before you began dermal filler treatment.
    Can I get dermal fillers/lip filler after hyaluronidase reversal?
    Yes, many clients still want to have fillers and there's no need for a bad experience to put you off. We just advise leaving it a couple of weeks after the reversal.
    Can I get new dermal fillers/lip filler at the same time?
    We recommend waiting a couple of weeks after hyaluronidase. This ensures that the enzyme is fully expelled before we introduce new dermal fillers. It also allows your skin to settle and fully recover.
    Which dermal fillers do you use?
    There are several variants of dermal filler on the market, which all differ according to the substance they are made from, the areas they treat and how long they last. SkinVIva Clinicians only use top brand products purchased from UK pharmacies. Our most popular brands are Juvederm ULTRA and VOLUMA. We can also use Radiesse, Restylane, Belotero, and Teosyal depending on your needs.
    What qualifications do you need to do dermal fillers or BOTOX®?
    Despite the fact that these are injectable treatments, the market is unregulated. So there are no requirements for training or qualifications at all. This does mean that experiences can vary. At SkinViva, all injections are carried out by medically qualified Aesthetic Clinicians who have additional training and extensive experience in carrying out non-surgical skin treatments. You're in safe hands at SkinViva.
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