Chin Augmentation and Reshaping for Men

Build up a weak chin for a stronger look or a more masculine shape. Non-surgical treatment for men using advanced injectable dermal fillers.

What is chin augmentation?

A strong chin is one of the facial features which is most associated with masculinity and strength.

A tapered face with a small chin is considered to be feminine while a square shaped lower face is considered to be more manly.

Equally, a soft, recessive chin is sometimes seen as a sign of weak character, while a strong chin makes a person look bolder and more confident.

Of course, how you look does not really reflect personality, but modern dermal fillers mean that men who are dissatisfied with the profile of their chin can augment it without surgery.

Chin augmentation and reshaping with dermal fillers is a near-instant solution to boosting the chin profile. The procedure carries minimal risk, no down time and instant results that last 12- 18 months.

SkinViva’s Aesthetic Clinicians are trained in reshaping the chin using the latest cosmetic injections.

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    How is a chin augmentation achieved?

    Chin augmentation and re-shaping using dermal filler

    The SkinViva Clinician will use advanced dermal fillers to gradually and precisely build up the shape and profile of the chin.

    Injections can be used in a number of ways to augment and reshape chins:

    • Add a more manly ‘squareness’ to the shape
    • Build up a chin for better projection
    • Balance the side profile, bringing a recessive chin better into line with the nose
    • Address any issues of asymmetry or unevenness
    • Improving sagginess in the jawline, caused by loose or ageing skin

    SkinViva use the latest long-lasting dermal fillers, so results last for a minimum of a year.

    What does a non-surgical chin augmentation cost?

    Chin augmentation and re-shaping prices

    Dermal Filler Chin Reshaping Prices

    Chin reshaping treatment prices Price 6 monthly payments Deposit
    Standard dermal fillers £275.00 £22.91 £137.50
    Juvederm Voluma lasting up to 24 months £425.00 £35.41 £212.50

    Got a Question?

    Will it suit me?
    Everyone is different - both in their natural face shape and in what they're trying to achieve. Our clinicians are trained to apply the principles of facial proportion, which helps them to work out what areas should be adjusted to improve the aesthetic appearance. They will give you appropriate advice on how this procedure could help and will also ensure that the results are not overdone.
    Can you remove dimples?
    Yes, our clinicians can smooth out prominent dimples using chin reshaping.
    Can you create dimples?
    Usually, yes. It does depend on the individual, but if somebody wants to create a dimple, this is something that can be achieved with this procedure.
    What is dermal filler made of?
    The fillers we use are a soft gel made from hyaluronic acid. This is a substance that occurs naturally in the skin and is very safe to use for our injectable procedures.
    How do dermal fillers work?
    Dermal fillers work by adding volume within the skin.

    They can be used to reshape facial features such as the chin. It is similarly used in the non-surgical nose job for men.
    Do I need a consultation before having the chin reshaping?
    Yes, we always provide a consultation before every treatment. At SkinViva, your consultation is free and you can usually have the treatment during the same appointment.
    Does it hurt?
    Our most popular dermal filler, Juvederm, has an in-built anaesthetic called lidocaine which enhances comfort while the filler is being injected. We can also use a numbing gel to improve comfort from the outset.
    When will I see the effects of my chin re-shaping procedure.
    You can see the results immediately, although there may be some minor swelling at first.
    How long will my new chin shape last?
    Results using Juvederm Voluma last up to 18 months, although results do vary depending on lifestyle and skin type.
    Will the dermal filler become hard or noticeable to touch?
    The dermal fillers we use are soft and pliable to the touch.
    Will it be noticeable?
    In terms of side effects, we'd advise you to anticipate some initial redness and possible bruising around the injection sites. This will go down in a matter of hours and pass within a couple of days.

    In terms of results, SkinViva's team are trained to aim for a natural result which is flattering but never over the top.
    How long will the chin reshaping treatment take?
    The procedure itself can be completed in 15-30 minutes, but new customers will require a 45-minute appointment to allow for an in depth discussion about what you're trying to achieve, so that our Aesthetic Clinician can make the most appropriate recommendations.
    Why do the results wear off?
    The gel is broken down naturally and reabsorbed by the skin. This takes around 12-18 months. However, when results start to fade, you can simply have the procedure repeated to maintain the benefit.
    Are there any side effects with dermal fillers?
    Most possible side effects are related to the action of injecting the skin, not the product itself. These include: redness, minor swelling, itching, tenderness around injection site and potential lumps in the treated area. These can be reduced by massage.
    Do I need to do anything different after the procedure?
    We'd advise you to avoid heat - including sun exposure, saunas, exercise, clubs or other hot environments - for 24 hours.

    Also avoid alcohol for 24 hours after the procedure.
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