Non-Surgical Brow Lift

The eyes are easily the most important feature on the face. Their ability to be a highlight of the face is diminished by lines, wrinkles, eyelash loss, eyebrow drooping and cheek volume loss- all things that can be skilfully restored by highly trained SkinViva doctors and dentists.

Why choose the non-surgical brow lift?
How does the non-surgical eyebrow lift work?
What does the non-surgical brow lift cost?
Why choose an eyebrow lift?

The eyebrows are an extremely expressive area of the face – a subtle movement can betray or communicate the slightest emotion.

Grooming the eyebrows has become one of the must-have treatments in women’s beauty routines to make the most of shaping the brow with tweezing, waxing, threading and tinting programmes.

However, as the years pass, the eyebrows tend to become flatter and drift downwards. The youthful arch can give way to a straighter brow which can make a person look tired, aged or even sad or angry.

Now the non-surgical brow lift is a new option, enabling patients to experience a lifted brow without the need for surgery.

Why choose an eyebrow lift?
How does the brow lift work?

Using BOTOX® injections, SkinViva’s Doctors & Dentists are all trained in this advanced technique of precisely injecting into specific muscles in the eyebrow, frown and forehead area to trigger a lifting effect. The results are a lifted, arched eyebrow that opens up the eyes to create a more engaging, dramatic look.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Brow Lift

  • Instant results
  • Rejuvenating
  • Attractive arched brow
  • Non-invasive technique – safer and lower cost vs surgery
How does the brow lift work?
Desperate Scousewife Elissa Corrigan reviewed her experience of the perfect non-surgical brow lift

“At first I was sceptical because I have been using BOTOX® for nearly three years and every time I went to my practitioner, I was always promised a slight lift in the eye area, but disappointingly never achieved it.”

“…during my first consultation with Dr Tim – I told him, along with banishing my wrinkles, I wanted a little in the eyebrow area. ‘No problem’ he said, like it was going to be as easy pie.”

“Dr Tim explained every single bit of minutiae – along with diagrams – about where he was injecting and how it would affect my face to give it the ‘lift’.”

“Fast-forward two weeks and – as you can see from the photographic evidence – I got what I wanted, a lovely line free forehead and beautifully arched brows. Hallelujah!”

Desperate Scousewife Elissa Corrigan reviewed her experience of the perfect non-surgical brow lift
What is the price of the brow lift?

SkinViva prides itself on offering superior quality cosmetic skin treatments delivered by an elite team of doctors & dentists with value-for-money prices.
Most treatments include an affordable monthly payment option.

Wrinkle-Relaxing Treatments₁
Non-surgical eyebrow lift
Equivalent to 2 areas of BOTOX®**

₂ – Interest free direct debit scheme monthly payments and deposits will be based on a set number of treatments in contract and a specific number of payments. See also: Direct Debit Terms.

** Please note that the amount of correction required, lifestyle, skin types, and area of the face will all vary the longevity of treatment results & amount of treatment recommended

Read more about BOTOX® injections

Spread the cost of treatment with monthly payments.

What is the price of the brow lift?
Before and after

Take a look at how an eyebrow lift can be improved and help you feel good about yourself.

Before and after
Before and after

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The technique is ideal for anybody who is looking to lift the eyebrows and smooth the brow area. These are common areas of concern with the ageing process, but treatment is surprisingly effective at sculpting the eyebrows as well as addressing lines and wrinkles.

We use Botox® injections to achieve the result, but the key is the technique and precise positioning of the injections.

It is a careful balance to get the right result while retaining a natural look and movement, but SkinViva Doctors are trained to preserve and maintain eyebrow movement, which is the key to creating natural expressions.

Our Doctors will always provide a consultation before treatment. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer this consultation free of charge to enable patients to fully discuss and understand their treatment without having any financial commitment.

Most often those that know you notice you look fresher, but don't specifically know why.

Perhaps those who have had a Botox treatment themselves and are particularly observant may have an inkling.

No, you must wait until 24 hours after your Botox treatment before you can go running or do any other form of strenuous exercise.

Yes you can. If you are having Botox treatment THEN another treatment, you must leave it 48 hours. If you had another treatment and then you wanted Botox, you would have to wait 2 weeks before having your Botox treatment.

For the following 24 hours after you receive Botox treatment, you must not drink alcohol. After 24 hours, it is fine to drink Alcohol.

You should have your Botox treatment before having semi-permanent make up treatment on your eye-brows. This is because the Botox can move the position of your eye-brows temporarily.

You should avoid heat for 24 hours. This includes the sun, sunbeds and hot baths and showers.

Yes, there is no problem with flying after having Botox treatment.

No! Botox is not addictive. It does really work though so, like a good haircut, most clients do want to keep up the fab results once they’ve started having Botox and come back every 4 months or so to have another treatment.

You need to wait 12 weeks between full treatment doses.

The effects of Botox treatment are not seen immediately. You should start to notice a difference about 3-7 days after your appointment and the treatment will be at its maximum at day 14. We will send you a text message after 14 days to check how your treatment is looking. If you would like an adjustment to your Botox, you’re welcome to book back in to be seen within the first month after your initial treatment and this will be free of charge.

Not necessarily. Many people do not need to come back in for an adjustment. It is a personal choice, not a clinical necessity. We will send you a text message after 14 days to check how your treatment is looking. If you would like an adjustment to your Botox, you’re welcome to book back in to be seen within the first month after your initial treatment.

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