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Botox® has official approval for use as a treatment for migraine.

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Why choose BOTOX® for Migraine?

Recurrent Migraines can be extremely disabling, often preventing those who suffer with them from performing the everyday activities that most of us take for granted.

If you experience a higher than average number of migraines and have struggled to find a solution, you might benefit from our BOTOX® for Migraine treatment.

BOTOX® has been proven to drastically reduce the number of migraines experienced in a three- month period and can make a huge improvement to the sufferer’s quality of life. Administered using a fine needle, the treatment causes very little discomfort and starts to take effect within two weeks.

All SkinViva doctors and dentists are trained to the highest standard in injecting and are experienced in providing BOTOX® for Migraine treatments.

If you are considering treatment with us or want to find out more, just call 0161 865 1141 to book in for your free consultation.

Why choose BOTOX® for Migraine?
How does BOTOX® for migraines work?

Botox for migraines works in a similar way to normal Botox, it is administered using a fine Botox needle and causes minimal discomfort.

You can expect your BOTOX® to take effect within two weeks of having the treatment, meaning you should notice a drastic reduction in the amount of headaches within the first month.

BOTOX® works to reduce migraines in two ways.

  • Firstly, it reduces the level of Substance P within the body. Substance P is the chemical that causes us pain and is a big factor in what makes migraines so unpleasant.
  • BOTOX® also relaxes the muscles in your head that tense up when you are suffering with a bad headache, which helps to reduce the severity of a migraine.
How does BOTOX® for migraines work?
Dr. Sharan on BOTOX® for Migraines

“Migraine sufferers often find that their quality of life is greatly affected and they may even lose days of work because of it. If they’ve tried all the other options via their own GP and are still suffering with Migraines, this treatment could have a positive effect on their quality of life.

“Before having treatment, you should always ensure that the clinician you have chosen has the relevant medical background knowledge so that they are equipped to deal with any potential complications.

“As this procedure is medical rather than cosmetic, it is essential that your clinician knows the anatomy of the head very well and has all the necessary training and experience.”

Dr. Sharan on BOTOX® for Migraines
Cost of treatment at SkinViva

Migraine treatment using BOTOX® is available at our Manchester clinic.

SkinViva prides itself on offering superior quality cosmetic skin treatments delivered by an elite team of aesthetic medical professionals with value-for-money prices.

We also offer an option for clients who prefer to spread the cost.

Migraine BOTOX® Injections
Excessive headaches£495£110.55

₂ – Interest free direct debit scheme monthly payments and deposits will be based on a set number of treatments in contract and a specific number of payments. See also: Direct Debit Terms.

Please note that lifestyle factors will impact on the longevity and effectiveness of your treatment.

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Our treatment price list:

Treatment Prices

Spread the cost of treatment with monthly payments.

Cost of treatment at SkinViva
BOTOX® for Migraines, presented by Dr Sharan Uppal

The new video is fronted by SkinViva aesthetic medical professional, Dr Sharan, who explains:

“2 weeks after your injections is when your BOTOX® will be working, so you should be noticing a reduction in headaches and in migraines.”

BOTOX® for Migraines, presented by Dr Sharan Uppal

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It is done with a very small Botox® needle and causes little discomfort.

Results of treatment generally last around 3-4 months, after which time treatment can be repeated to maintain the benefit.

The treatment works by reducing an element of a chemical called substance P. This has been linked to the way that you feel pain and it is also targeted at the muscles that tense up when you have a Migraine.

Because a needle is being used, there is a risk of bruising along with a bit of redness and swelling around the injection sites.

As with all Botox® treatments, it’s advisable that you activate the muscles that the Botox® has been injected into. Moving the muscles for an hour by frowning, raising your eyebrows and tensing the muscles at the back of the neck. For a couple of hours, stay upright and for a couple of days, avoid anything that could make you feel excessively hot.

Yes, but at SkinViva, your initial consultation is free and without obligation. This means that you can discuss your headaches or migraine with a qualified and experienced doctor or dentist to work out whether you feel this treatment is right for you.

If you wish to go ahead, you can usually have the Botox® for migraines treatment at the same appointment as the consultation.

You shouldn’t feel too different to normal, you may have a light headache after treatment but this should pass within a few hours.

Two weeks after treatment, the Botox® should have kicked in and you should start to see a reduction in headaches.

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