BELKYRA® (Kybella) Fat Reduction Injections

New injectable treatment launching soon. Fat-melting injections to tackle double chin for a slimmer profile.

What is BELKYRA®?
Double Chin
How Belkyra Works
Belkyra costs
Also known as Kybella (USA)

BELKYRA® is a brand new treatment, due to launch in 2018, for tackling double chin.

You may have already read in the press about the new ‘fat melting injections’ which are already FDA approved and available in the USA under the name ‘Kybella’.

BELKYRA®, as it will be known in the UK, will bring clients a new option for tackling the difficult area of submental fullness – excess fat beneath the chin or ‘double chin’.

Results of treatment in the USA show significant reduction in fullness beneath the chin through use of BELKYRA® injections, delivering a slimmer profile and a better defined chin and jawline.

Surveys have shown that 67% of adults hate the double chin area. BELKYRA® treatment helps to achieve a stronger jawline which looks more youthful and stronger character.

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Also known as Kybella (USA)
Why do I have a double chin?

There are a number of reasons why women and men can develop submental fullness (double chin) and it is often a combination of factors which apply. These include

  • Genetic tendency (perhaps a parent had a similar issue)
  • Ageing
  • Weight gain

There is not much that a person can do about genetic tendency combined with the natural ageing process.

Even trying to tackle weight gain can be frustrating, as diet and exercise can have little influence over the fat beneath the chin, as it can be quite stubborn to shift once it has accumulated.

The 'Science Bit'
  • Belkyra is a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, a substance your body produces to help absorb fats
  • As an injectable treatment, it can work to destroy fat cells under the chin
  • This will be a prescription medicine, so only available with practitioners who work with a qualified prescriber
  • At SkinViva, all treatments are carried out by fully trained aesthetic medical professionals (doctors and dentists).
The 'Science Bit'
Price of Double Chin Treatment

We are currently awaiting information on costs and a launch date for UK availability.

Prices will be confirmed when we have further details.

SkinViva treatments are competitively priced and include an affordable interest-free direct debit option.

Consultations at SkinViva are offered free of charge with our aesthetic medical professionals.

Price of Double Chin Treatment

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Once destroyed, these cells can no longer store or accumulate fat, as they are broken down and flushed out by the body. So further treatment is not expected once you reach your desired aesthetic goal.

However, we would generally advise a healthy diet and active exercise regime for all our clients, to maintain a stable weight and avoid new buildup of fatty areas.

We are currently advised that 2 sessions are generally required to achieve best results. Sometimes further treatments may be necessary to achieve the desired result and some clients may expect up to 6 treatments.

This will vary for each individual and will be fully discussed at your consultation.

For most people, BELKYRA® fat-melting injections can be uncomfortable but not painful.

The discomfort will be quite short-lived, lasting only around 10 minutes.

The process of injecting takes around 15 minutes, but appointments are longer to allow for a consultation. This is vital to take account of any medical information as well as understanding what you are trying to achieve.

No, it will take a little time for BELKYRA® to act on the fat cells. This does mean that the results are gradual and natural. We'd expect the results to develop over 2-4 weeks following your treatment.

Some clients are keen to go ahead in the same appointment and we allow time for this, but if you're not absolutely sure, we'd encourage you to go home and think about it. We'd be happy to book you in for treatment at a later time.

BELKYRA® is specifically designed for double chin area and this will be reflected when it is licensed in the UK. So unfortunately we can't use it for other areas, such as the cheeks, tummy, buttocks, thighs, arms etc.

Previously, surgical liposuction would have been the main method of trying to improve double chin. This is expensive, involving a certain amount of recovery/aftercare. Surgery carries a number of risks and complications too.

By comparison, BELKYRA®is cheaper, safer with a faster recovery.

BELKYRA® breaks down the membranes of the targeted fat cells, causing them to collapse and then be processed and expelled through the body's normal metabolic processes.

Side-effects are relatively minor and easily managed. Apart from the initial discomfort of the injections, clients may experience some localised swelling, tenderness and bruising around the injection site. This should dissipate within a few days.

Of course. You can use the consultation to ask any questions at all, or if you'd prefer to get in touch in advance, please feel free to call our friendly team or use the enquiry form on this page. We'd be happy to help.

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