Advanced Facial Analysis

Advanced Facial Analysis from SkinViva, in-depth anatomical consultation with scientific rules on proportion and ageing so you never look 'overdone'.

What is AFA?
Anatomy and Aesthetics
Advantages of AFA
What does an Advanced Facial Analysis cost?
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Advanced Facial Analysis, from SkinViva

Advanced Facial Analysis is a concept unique to SkinViva, which was developed by Dr Tim Pearce.

AFA takes consultation to the next level, involving the most in depth analysis of your facial structure that you’ve ever experienced.

This is the exact opposite of troubleshooting a specific area or irregularity.  The whole face is reviewed with a systematic yet holistic approach which encompasses:

  • Scientific assessment of the face, using mathematical rules of proportion
  • Anatomical knowledge of facial physiology
  • Expert knowledge on the aesthetics of balance and ageing

The objective is to identify the most appropriate treatment plan which will deliver a result which is utterly sympathetic, never overdone and simply lovely to look at.


Advanced Facial Analysis, from SkinViva
Considerations for Advanced Facial Analysis


The ageing process involves change to a range of facial structures, including:

  • Skin
  • Muscle
  • Bone
  • Fat
  • Teeth

These physical changes change how we look and also, crucially, how we feel about our appearance. Any tailored treatment plan resulting from AFA will consider all the facial constituents.


This encompasses:

  • Scientific rules on ratios – position of facial features and the proportions relative to other facial structures
  • Volume and contours or shadows
  • Lines or creases

Our Aesthetic Clinicians will also discuss and assess any emotional impact of appearance. As many of our patients will be aware, facial appearance can make a person look tired, cross, unhappy, angry – even if they’re not. This can be considered and assessed as part of the AFA process.

Considerations for Advanced Facial Analysis
Advanced Facial Analysis
  • An AFA is a system we have developed that methodically analyses your face in the context of your personal goals so we can find the perfect treatment plan to make you happy.
  • An AFA is information we believe all patients need to make good decisions.
  • It will give you confidence in knowing the path you need to take to maximise your happiness.
  • It will protect you from looking ‘done’ or unnatural, as the analysis is grounded in established scientific rules on proportion and in anatomical knowledge.
  • You should feel certain about how each element of a plan is working towards meeting your specific goal.
Advanced Facial Analysis
Price of extended consultation

Consultations at SkinViva are offered free of charge and the Advanced Facial Analysis is no exception.

You will receive an extended consultation appointment with one of our  elite team of doctors & dentists.

After the comprehensive AFA, you will be given a tailor-made treatment programme, suggesting the most appropriate treatment combinations to deliver a fresh new you.

SkinViva treatments are competitively priced and include an affordable interest-free direct debit option.

Price of extended consultation
Advanced Facial Analysis


See how Advanced Facial Analysis consultation led to a beautiful, flattering and holistic result with the VivaLift.

Advanced Facial Analysis

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Got a Question?

The outcome of Advanced Facial Analysis will be a menu of options that you can reflect on. You can do none of the plan, some of the plan or all of the plan - it depends what is important to you and what will make you happiest.

There is no standard answer here, as the treatment plan will be tailored to suit assessment of your individual facial anatomy.

Treatments may involve use of BOTOX injections to calm muscle movement. BOTOX can be used to create a lifting effect as well as smoothing the skin.

Dermal fillers may also be involved, to gently address the facial proportions, bringing them closely to the mathematical ideas of perfect balance.

Looking overdone is one of the biggest concerns. The press are all too keen to cover instances of frozen foreheads, trout pouts and hamster cheeks.

At SkinViva, our ethos is based on achieving a natural look. We expect you to look like you, but a fresher and lovelier version.

This depends very much on your treatment plan and/or options.

Some clients are keen to go ahead in the same appointment and we're happy to accommodate this if time allows. For those with more complex treatment plans, they may have some of the treatment at the AFA appointment and then come back to the clinic for a further session. Some clients prefer to arrange a separate appointment for their treatment and that's fine too.

Much depends on your treatment options, so we'll discuss timings with you during the Advanced Facial Analysis appointment.

Of course. You can use the consultation to ask any questions at all, or if you'd prefer to get in touch in advance, please feel free to call our friendly team or use the enquiry form on this page. We'd be happy to help.

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