#TreatmentOfTheMonth – Chin Augmentation

Dr Ahmed’s #TreatmentOfTheMonth for April is Chin Augmentation!

Chin Augmentation involves using dermal filler that is strategically placed along the chin so that there is a perfect relationship with the rest of the face.

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    According to the science of beauty and golden ratios, it is important that the chin is balanced with other areas of the face to help achieve the perfect side profile.

    Dr Ahmed says that:

    ‘When you look at the face from the side, and you look at the relationship between the nose, the lips and chin, it should be harmonious. What you don’t want is a chin that is receding’.

    This treatment plays an important role for those who are seeking rejuvenation and want to prevent the appearance of premature aging of the lower face.

    What can a Chin Augmentation do?

    A Chin Augmentation treatment can do various things such as:

    • Smooth out unwanted dimpling
    • Bring forward a receding chin
    • Improve the overall shape

    What does a Chin Augmentation look like?

    Here are some amazing Before and After shots of our clients!

    chin male before and after


    chin female before and after

    What is the downtime like and how long does it last?

    One of the may benefits of a non-surgical Chin Augmentation is that there is little to no downtime and is practically pain free!

    The amazing result will last between 12-18 months using premium filler.


    As the fillers are made using hyaluronic acid, they will be naturally broken down by the body.

    How long does the procedure take and what is the cost?

    The procedure will be around 30 minutes, maximum 45 minutes if you are a new client and require an in-depth consultation.

    You can have a new chin on your lunch break!

    The treatment is £395 for 1ml.


    To book a free consultation for a Chin Augmentation, call the clinic on 0161 865 1141 or e-mail contact@skinviva.com

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