Treatment of the Month: Temple fillers

“Temples… what the…?!” We know that is what you’re thinking. We get it, but please bear with us. At SkinViva, we believe temple treatment using filler is one of the BEST treatments to refresh and finish off your look. But hardly anyone knows about it!!

So, we’ll let Dr Sharan let you in on the secret…

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    Where is your temple?

    Your temples are on the side of your head and sit between your cheeks and your forehead.

    The benefits of temple treatment

    Dr Sharan explains, “The reason why I like doing temple treatment is because it’s very much about the finishing touches!”

    “It polishes off the face and can even improve the outline of the face, because the cheek contour then blends across to the forehead.

    “As we get older or if we are very slim, we can get a shadow at the side of the eye. And that can sometimes give us the appearance of being unwell or a bit more of a gaunt look.

    So once it’s treated, you lose that and it just gives this impression of wellness.”


    How do you treat the temples?

    Using dermal filler, we would just fill out the area to avoid the hollow look.

    This creates a sense of fullness and volume in the face, that could otherwise look gaunt.


    What is Treatment of the Month?

    Last month, we introduced our first ever #TreatmentOfTheMonth with great success – Dr Ahmed was in the spotlight, discussing cheek fillers. This month (October), Dr Sharan has taken centre stage to talk through one of her favourite treatments.

    Why have we started doing a #TreatmentOfTheMonth?

    Mainly to educate. Aesthetic treatments go way beyond Botox and lip fillers. And this gives SkinViva the chance to show our expertise and really showcase what we can do to improve your well-being!

    Dr Sharan reviews

    Here are just a couple of the wonderful reviews Dr Sharan has received on our Facebook and Google+ page from her clients <3

    skinviva review


    skinviva review

    Interested in having your temples treated?

    To book in with Dr Sharan (or any of our other aesthetic medical professionals), please call one of our Customer Experience girls on 0161 865 1141 and we’d be happy to talk through any questions you have around temple treatment.

    We offer free consultations to all clients, as treatment needs to be a carefully considered treatment. Our clinicians are always here to guide.

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