Treatment for Sweaty Hands

Sweaty Hands Making Life Awkward?

syringeHaving sweaty hands can be a real problem in everyday life.

From holding a pen or typing on a keyboard to using cutlery or holding a glass; the challenges caused by damp digits are endless.

Add a bit of emotional stress and the problem can get even worse. Imagine shaking hands at an interview while worrying about sweaty palms, for example; or hurrying to fill in important paperwork leaving damp marks on the paper or losing grip on the pencil. Even holding a partner’s or a child’s hand can be a nightmare.

Sweating is normal. It is how the body loses excess heat and maintains a correct temperature. There are millions of sweat glands in the skin, including on the palms.

Excess sweating on the palms of the hands is known medically as palmar hyperhidrosis, which is estimated to affect around 1% of the population. They may find that the rest of the body is not affected at all, or else may experience excessive sweating elsewhere too such as the feet or underarms.

Treating Sweaty Hands

In treating the condition, it is important to rule out any other factors such as thyroid problems, weight issues or cancer.

Stress management may help if the problem is related to anxiety. Breathing techniques or even medication to treat the cause of stress may ease the sweating.

However, there is also another specific treatment available to control sweaty hands.

Botox injections can be used to block the nerve activity that triggers sweating. This can more or less stop the hands from sweating altogether, providing dramatic relief for the sufferer for a few months after which injections can be repeated.

This is a non-surgical treatment, taking less than half an hour. It is a sensitive area and may cause discomfort during treatment. However, recovery is quick and the results are dramatic.

Palmar Hyperhidrosis Injections

SkinViva offer a range of medical skin treatments including hyperhidrosis. Treatment for sweating in the hands costs £425. Treatment is also available for the underarms at the same price.

SkinViva offer free consultations so that patients can find out more about the treatment and decide whether to go ahead.

In addition, they carry out popular cosmetic skin treatments including botox, dermal fillers, dermaroller micro-needling and top brand skin creams as well as injections for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

SkinViva’s fully qualified Clinicians offer appointments at an extensive network across the North West in a choice of convenient locations throughout Cheshire, Lancashire and Manchester. The team is led by fully qualified doctor and Clinical Director, Dr Tim Pearce MB ChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP.

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