#TreatmentTalk – Upper Lip Lines

Here at SkinViva there is A LOT of talk about lines. Sometimes it can get pretty confusing to know which treatment will help which area!

What are Smoker’s Lines? How do I get rid of my Upper Lip Lines? SO many questions!

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    Today we are going to try and make it all a lot clearer. The focus here will be on only one type of lines – upper lip lines.

    This is following a Facebook Live that Dr Tim did talking about the treatment. Have a watch here!

    What are Upper Lip Lines?

    Upper lip lines refer to the lines small lines that come from the vermillion border of the lips and often extend vertically.

    They are commonly known as either smokers’ lines or lipstick lines.

    However, the term smokers’ lines can be very misleading. It suggests that you can only get these lines if you are a smoker. Yet that could not be further from the truth.

    How do you get Upper Lip Lines?

    Anyone can get upper lip lines. They are caused by repetitive movement of the mouth through actions such as talking, eating etc. Not just from smoking, however smoking can make the lines more likely to be prominent.

    upper lip line filler diagram

    The reason lines occur is because you lose fat around your lips by moving the muscle. Just like you would if you were going to the gym and moving muscles in other areas of the body.

    Why have them treated?

    There are multiple benefits to having your upper lip lines treated! Most people think that by having one specific area treated, it will only cause one result. Well definitely not with upper lip lines. The benefits include:

    • A beautiful shape to the upper lip area, making the mouth more harmonious and balanced.
    • Rejuvenating the upper lip line area by significantly reducing the appearance of harsh lines. Causing you to look much younger and fresher.
    • Prevention – by injecting the upper lip line it strengthens the area and prevents lines from deepening and becoming even more visible when the filler wears off.

    But what if I end up looking like Homer Simpson?

    Don’t worry! You won’t look anything like Homer Simpson!

    homer simpson upper lip lines

    Some people associate this treatment with looking like Homer Simpson because if filler is injected incorrectly then you can be left with an overhanging and prominent upper lip. This happens if you only treat the lines and don’t focus on the entire area.

    At SkinViva we consider the entire area and will ensure that the natural concavity is not disturbed. Your mouth area will remain beautiful and harmonious with the rest of the face. We always aim to maintain the look of a natural face, rather than using augmentation to look cartoon like.

    So – it will definitely look natural?

    Yes – we aim to make all our treatments look as natural as possible. We have found that a lot of people prefer the natural look and want to maintain looking like themselves.

    Dr Tim says:

    ‘They just want themselves back. They don’t want to be different. A lot of people think our business is about making people look different, when in actual fact a lot of our work is about making people look the same’.

    We wrote an article on the Natural vs Fake debate if you care to have a read.

    clinicians botox filler

    The details:
    • Minor discomfort if that. Swelling may occur for 24 hours after. Can be soothed with painkillers.
    • Results can last between 6-18 months.
    • The treatment is reversible. Can be dissolved if unhappy.

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