Transformational Before and After Photos Revealed

Tear Troughs, Cheek and Lip Enhancement

SkinViva’s Dr Tim Pearce has revealed the transformational potential of enhancing facial features with the subtle but well-judged use of dermal fillers.

Dr Pearce injected relatively small amounts of dermal filler product in order to gently sculpt and beautify the face in 3 areas:

  • tear troughs – focusing on the area beneath the eyes, smoothing out eye bags for a fresher and more alert look which is bright and appealing
  • cheek enhancement – creating a more pronounced and slightly higher cheekbone, slimming and refining the appearance of the face
  • lip fillers – a very subtle volumisation of the lip area to build up the lips for a pretty pout which is attractive and not at any risk of looking overdone

Before and After Photos

Before and after
after tear troughs cheeks lip enhancement

The results are very flattering and natural-looking.

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Their extensive range of skin treatments encompasses popular treatments such as dermal fillers and anti-ageing injections to a high standard. In addition, the Company has a series of exclusive treatments such as VivaLift.

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