Top 5 FAQ on Lip Fillers

  Top 5 Lip Enhancement Questions 1. How much does it cost?

“The first thing to do is have a consultation. This is free for a 20 minutes’ appointment slot, but we do take a £15 deposit. There is no obligation to purchase – we only retain the deposit for ‘no shows’ – clients who fail to attend their appointment.

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    “During the consultation, the clinician would discuss which is the best product for your needs. We use two types of fillers for lip enhancement:

    • Standard type Lip Filler cost £279
    • Premium type Lip Filler cost £499

    “We do offer monthly payment schemes, which are a popular way of spreading the payment and actually save a little bit too.”

    2. How long does the treatment take?

    “Lip filler appointments last around 35 minutes, including the consultation, assessment, consent form, aftercare advice and carrying out the injections.”

    3. How long will the treatment last for?

    “This depends on which type of lip filler you opt for:

    • Standard Type Lip Filler which is expected to last between 6 – 9 months
    • Premium type Lip Filler which is expected to last from 12 – 18 months

    “It’s useful to bear in mind how long the results last when you’re choosing whether to have standard or premium fillers.”

    4. I’m worried that my lips will look like a plastic doll effect – unnatural?

    “During your consultation, the clinician will discuss the effect of the product. They would advise that the premium filler generally gives a more natural result effect and is more long lasting; therefore cost effective in the long run.”

    5. Does it hurt?

    “Lips are one of the more sensitive areas of the body and many patients worry about how it will feel. We will numb the area in advance on arrival. That means that although you will feel the needle, it will be very tolerable.

    “I myself have personally been treated by our fabulous clinicians and I didn’t find it unbearable at all. I would definitely have it done again.

    Lip Fillers

    Lip enhancement is one of the most popular procedures at SkinViva, with many women and even some men choosing it to enhance the appearance of their lips. Not only does it add volume, but can also improve shape and definition, making the lips look it perfect proportion with the face for an attractive look.

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