Three Generations At SkinViva – Tracy’s Story

Our patients often tell us how interesting and informative they find it to hear about other people’e experiences in having anti-ageing treatment. 

After Tracy’s experience at SkinViva, her daughter and then her Mum have also become patients!

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    In the first instalment of our 3-generation story, Tracy share her experience:

    So as I was fast approaching my 40th birthday.  I had checked to seek out a reputable, trustworthy aesthetic clinic to take some advice on having some botox and possibly some fillers too. As luck would have it, my hairdresser was going to an open event for a company called SkinViva, so I decided to tag along and see what they were all about

    I met Dr Tim and he took me through for a consultation which was free, and we discussed the options of botox and filler, Tim was very honest with me re my expectations and results and as I felt so safe I went ahead and had my very first treatment. Tim was amazing and immediately made me feel at ease. I had some botox mainly around the mile lines and forehead and we discussed filler too, but I decided to wait and see how the botox went.

    So 2 weeks after my treatment the fab ladies had arranged a follow up appointment for me with Dr Tim, just to check I was happy with my result

    Happy…  I was delighted, even decided to have some filler at that appointment, had my nose to mouth lines done, and the difference was instant. Wow I could not believe what a huge change such a small amount of filler could do… Well I was hooked. Even signed up to make my payments monthly, so I know I would maintain my treatment…

    The whole experience has been so amazing, and making me feel so much happier in myself, from booking the appointment with the helpful ladies in the SkinViva office – right through to my actual appointment, the whole thing is just so easy and fuss free. So much so that my daughter who is 26 decided she wanted to see Dr Tim too…

    Read Tracy’s daughter’s story next week!

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