Things to Consider Before Your Lip Filler Treatment

Having lip filler treatment is a great way to get the lips you always wanted, to achieve the volume and shape that enhance the rest of your features and fill you with confidence. However, it is not a decision that you should rush into. Before you go ahead with a lip filler treatment, these are some things to consider:


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    Do your research

    Before you book in for any treatment, make sure that you are being treated by an experienced and suitably qualified clinician. You can ask whether they are on a register such as the BAAPS, JCCP or BACN to confirm that they have the relevant training to be performing such a procedure. As well as checking the qualifications of the doctor, you should research the background of the clinic you are attending, check it has a good reputation and good hygiene standards.



    Although the majority of lip filler treatments will not be very painful, for some people there may be quite a bit of pain, so check whether your clinic offers a high-quality numbing cream to reduce or remove the pain. You may also need to get some follow up advice from the clinic, in case you have any concerns or issues after the treatment. Therefore, you should check that you will be able to get aftercare advice following the treatment.


    Consider the size

    Although lip filler treatment is not permanent, if you overdo it you can end up feeling less happy about your aesthetics than you did before the treatment. So, remember that a little bit of filler can go a long way and do not get tempted to add too much volume. Once you have had the treatment one or two times, you will get a better idea of how much you need to get the results you want.


    Understand the risk

    Like any type of cosmetic procedure, there are some risks involved in getting a lip filler. You are trusting someone to apply their skill and knowledge to inject the product into your face, so you have to be certain that you can trust the doctor and the clinic that you go to for the treatment. You also need to consider whether you really do need the treatment, or you might be getting it done for the wrong reasons.

    At SkinViva, we have a policy to offer services that aid patients’ wellbeing, so we will help you carefully consider your choices, to ensure it is truly right for you before we agree to go ahead.

    If you would like to talk to us about getting a lip filler treatment or any other aesthetics treatment, call our clinicians for a consultation on 0161 865 1141.

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