The Top Strategies for Combatting Skin Ageing

There is no magic wand that pauses the natural ageing process but there are techniques and strategies that can help to keep your skin looking youthful and glowing. As people get into their 30s and 40s, they will usually notice more lines and wrinkles start to appear and skin can begin to lose elasticity, which causes it to sag.

If you want to combat skin ageing and keep your skin in the best condition possible, these are some of the strategies that have proven to be effective:

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    Improve your diet

    What you eat and drink has a major impact on your skin, so improving your diet can help to boost the health of your skin. Hydration is key in achieving healthy skin, so drinking plenty of water each day is a good starting point but there are also foods that help or hinder your skin.

    Leafy vegetables, berries, fatty fish, beans, peas and nuts are all recommended as skin-friendly foods. Caffeine and alcohol both have diuretic effects, drying out your skin, so reducing your intake of them will help boost your skin health.

    Using a good skincare routine

    A good daily skincare routine is also really important for having healthy skin. A skincare routine that is tailored to your specific skin, using the best quality of products can make a big difference.

    ZO Skin Health is an innovative, industry-leading skincare product provider that offers clinically proven results. The award-winning skincare range is very effective at firming, toning and hydrating skin and you can arrange to have a tailor-made regime build around your skin requirements. By following the personalised skin programme designed for you, you can help to reduce the signs of ageing and treat other skin conditions such as sun damage.


    Anti-ageing injections

    Anti-ageing injections have become a very popular way to achieve instant anti-ageing results. New technology and products have recently been developed that enable safe, effective anti-ageing injections to remove lines in places such as the forehead and around the eyes where crows’ feet commonly appear.

    SkinViva clinicians are all medically qualified and fully trained in aesthetics, helping to target specific areas where the signs of ageing are more noticeable. Our clinicians are trained to design personal treatments to suit the patient’s skin type, to achieve the desired results.

    We also provide a free consultation so that you can discuss the treatment and ask any questions that you may have. Our clinicians will be able to explain the procedure and address any concerns you may have, such as possible side effects. After the treatment, our clinician will explain the best aftercare routine to help ensure that your treatment continues to provide the best results.

    If we determine that anti-ageing injections are not the most suitable type of treatment for you, we will be able to provide advice on alternative ways that you can treat ageing skin.

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