The Sun: Stacey Solomon Jibes Made Me Get a Nose Job

The Sun featured the story of trainee beautician Olivia Papworth, who suffered years of cruel taunts about her nose.

Bullies said she looked like Stacey Solomon and even her ex-boyfriend called her ‘big nose’.

As The Sun says:

Olivia is smiling again — and has posed for her first-ever selfie — after a 20-minute procedure in her lunch hour to even out the kink in her hooter.

Olivia had a non-surgical nose job at SkinViva in Manchester with Dr Tim Pearce.

Long-lasting dermal fillers were used to reduce the prominence of the bump on her nose, subtly reshaping its profile from the front and also the side view.

Dr Pearce also boosted the lip volume in Olivia’s top lip with injectable lip fillers to make her mouth look larger which adjusts the proportions with the nose, bringing the features into better harmoney and making the nose appear smaller and more symmetrical.

She told The Sun how the experience had changed her life:

“For the first time since I was a little girl I can wear my hair up with confidence. Meanwhile everyone who sees me comments on how happy I look.

“Also, I’ve never taken so many photographs of myself. I’ve gone selfie-crazy.”

 “I genuinely feel like a completely different person, not one plagued with insecurities about the way I look.

“And I’ve found a guy who not only loves me, but treats me like a princess. I couldn’t be happier.”

See photos and full story in The Sun.

Before and After Nose Reshaping

30 minute nose job

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