The Secret To Luscious Lashes

Accentuating your eyes is a popular beauty technique and there are many ways to enhance your eyes, depending on what you are looking to achieve. Carefully designed eye shadow application can help to make your eyes ‘pop’ or you can use a highlighter or different coloured eyeliners to draw attention to your eyes.

One of the most effective ways to make your eyes stand out is to have long and volumised eyelashes. Some people are blessed with naturally striking lashes, while others have to work with what they have. As we get older, lashes tend to lose some of their length and volume too, so they need even more help to look their best.

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    Here are some tips to achieving longer, more luscious lashes:

    Have a good cleansing routine

    When mascara is not cleaned off properly, it can build up on lashes and make them stiff and prone to breaking. Mascara should be replaced at least every three months to help prevent infections and also to ensure that it has not expired and therefore more harmful to your lashes, causing them to stick together. You should have a gentle, daily cleansing routine to remove your eye make-up to keep your lashes clean and less likely to become brittle.

    Don’t rub your eyes

    It is important that you do not rub your eyes too hard when you are cleaning them, but you also need to be careful rubbing your eyes if they become itchy or if you are tired. Rubbing your eyes is one of the most common ways of damaging your eyelashes and often causes them to fall out.

    Use castor oil or olive oil

    Some people apply castor oil or olive oil onto their lashes as the fatty acids act as emollients to moisturise lashes. Some people also recommend using coconut oil for a similar moisturising effect. You can use a cleaned mascara brush to apply a small amount of castor oil, olive oil or coconut oil onto your lashes to moisturise them.

    Use a lash growth serum

    Lash growth serum has seen a massive growth in popularity, as more scientific evidence is now available that backs up the results of using serum to lengthen and add volume to lashes. Serums have been developed by scientific dermatologists to help lashes to grow thicker and longer after applying the serum on a daily basis.

    Skinviva’s eyelash growth serum has visible results after just seven days of daily application. The average results achieved are:

    • 25% longer
    • 106% thicker
    • 18% darker
    before eyelash serum

    Before Eyelash Serum

    after eyelash serum

    After Eyelash Serum

    The serum works by extending the growth stage of each individual lash, meaning that your lashes grow thicker and longer, as well as darker, due to this extended growing period.

    Wearing lash extensions can be inconvenient and can even damage your natural lashes from the weight and the glue used, so we recommend trying to achieve naturally luscious lashes using our special lash growth serum.

    Find out more about how our eyelash growth serum works.

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