The Science Behind Your Facial Structure

Have you ever wondered how people think of you on first impression? There are lots of factors that influence how people see you, such as whether you smile a lot or speak confidently but another big factor is your facial bone structure. Before you even speak to a person, your facial structure will have influenced some initial perceptions that they have about you.

For example, scientific studies show that having a wider facial structure is deemed as more competent, compared to having a thinner facial structure. Another study revealed that facial width to length ratio had an impact on confidence. Faces that are at least 70% as wide as they are long were found to be naturally confident.

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    One more interesting theory about facial structure is that people with fuller upper lips were more talkative, while people with thinner lips were more concise when they are speaking.

    Studies around attractiveness

    In terms of attractiveness, even though the saying is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, symmetry has been found to be important in rating attractiveness. Studies show that a more symmetrical face increases ratings of attractiveness and that the symmetry of the nose was particularly influential in the ratings, even more so than the lips.

    So, there is a lot more to how people see you than your facial expressions, what you wear or what you say to them, your facial structure plays a significant part in people’s perceptions about you.

    How SkinViva applies facial structure science to treatments

    At SkinViva, our treatments are developed around scientific studies and research to drive the results that clients want. When our clients feel conscious about an area of their face, our first step is to have a free consultation to discuss the aspects of their face that leads to low self-esteem. If we feel that they would benefit from our exclusive AFA (Advanced Facial Analysis), then this is what we recommend.

    The concept of AFA is unique to SkinViva and was developed by Dr Tim Pearce, involving the most in-depth analysis of face structure possible. It uses mathematical rules of proportion, and expert knowledge and application of aesthetic balance.

    We then design a tailored treatment based on the results of the AFA, incorporating the scientific evidence around the impact of facial structures and the outcome that our client is looking to achieve.

    For example, if a client is lacking in confidence, we have several treatments that are designed to boost confidence, including using fillers to widen faces, as the science shows that this increases a person’s self-confidence.

    Our lip filler treatments are also carefully designed to give people with thin lips a fuller upper lip, which can give them more confidence when talking to people. We also use lip fillers to help the lips to look more symmetrical, while our non-surgical nose jobs are very effective in delivering a more symmetrical shape to the nose.

    Find out more about our innovative Advanced Facial Analysis and how it can help you to choose the best treatment to boost your confidence and wellbeing.

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