The Olympics Meets Manchester


This weekend marks the official start of the Olympics as the Olympic Torch passes proudly through the streets of Manchester. 10 torchbearers, including four Manchester natives, will be continuing the Olympic journey as the torch travels through more than 1,000 cities, towns and villages in the UK.

The Olympic torch relay kick-starts a summer of fun and fitness with upcoming sporting events including the Euro 2012 football, Wimbledon and of course the London Olympics.

In honour of a sporting summer here’s our guide to getting ready in a hurry and looking your best while on the move!

1. Use a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation – this has three benefits in one; it gives coverage, moisturisers and can offer SPF protection.

2. Get a skin peel – for a fresh faced look and an elusive ‘glow’ a skin peel can be the best way to achieve this. Talk to our team to arrange a free consultation for a skin peel on 0161 865 1141.

3. Dye your eyelashes – a big trend at the moment is moving towards eyelash tinting. This treatment is done once a month and provides a quick fix as no mascara needs to be applied!

4. Have your eyebrows shaped – Having a professional shape your brows correctly can be a perfect way to looked groomed if there is no time to apply makeup. Also, once the basic shape has been made, simply have a spare pair of tweezers around to pluck strays if they appear.

5. Stop the sweat – being on the run can cause the all-embarrassing appearance of sweat marks. No fear, SkinViva has the answer to excess sweating. Botox is a miracle cure that can be used underarms to prevent unsightly wet patches.