Skincare: The Importance of a Morning Skin Care Routine

There is debate amongst internet users about what morning skincare rituals we should follow, we at SkinViva believe there are steps every person should follow in the morning to prepare their skin for the day ahead.

Whilst there is an abundance of skincare products out there for various skin types, there are steps that every skin type can use with bespoke products to improve their morning skincare routine.

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    Products that include hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid or vitamin c serum in the ingredient list are all products that you should look at using.

    The Top 5

    1. Wash your face – use warm water (cleanser recommended) and a soft face cloth to remove any dead skin and dirt.

    Recommendation: NEOSTRATA CLARIFY Mandelic Clarifying Cleanser, Price: £29.80NEOSTRATA CLARIFY Mandelic Clarifying Cleanser

    1. Tone – Use a small amount of toner on a soft cotton pad all over your face to help close the pores, giving it a gentle refresh and maintaining natural moisture.

    Recommendation: NEOSTRATA CLARIFY Oily Skin Solution, Price: £33.00

    1. Protect those eyes – using an under-eye serum to reduce fine lines as well and diminish bags under our eyes, helping us appear younger and less tired (Bonus!) Recommendation: NEOSTRATA ENLIGHTEN brightening Eye Cream, Price: £47.50

    1. Moisture is key – applying 1 to 3 pumps of moisturiser to your face will allow your skin to soak up the goodness, reduce irritation, and reduce dryness.

    Recommendation: NEOSTRATA RESTORE Bionic Face Serum, Price £47.20NEOSTRATA RESTORE Bionic Face Serum

    5. UV protection – using a daily sunscreen or moisturiser with SPF can help protect your skin from sun-related skin conditions.

    Recommendation: NEOSTRATA RESURFACE Ultra Daytime Smoothing Cream SPF20, Price: £38.60

    What Else Can I Do?

    These are some of the simple sets that can be taken to help improve the quality of your skin, however, there are several other steps you can take in the morning to continue to improve the quality of your skin such as spot treatment or facial oil.

    At our SkinViva Online Shop, we have a wide range of products that are available to purchase to assist you with your skincare regime as we know the importance of looking good and helping you feel good. From Anti-ageing to brightening skin tones our specially formulated skincare brands are there to assist with all your needs.

    At our SkinViva Clinic, we also offer a range of specialist skincare treatments if you’re looking for something that offers a quicker result, along with skincare consultations to ensure you are buying exactly the right products for you!

    Why not try our LED Light Therapy to help with Acne or Rosacea? – OR – Give Dermaplaning a try to remove dead cells and hairs from the face and create a radiant and glowing look.

    Alternatively, SkinViva’s medically trained professionals are on hand to give you the finest injectables on the market allowing you to achieve the desired look in minutes.


    Please Note: The above products that have been recommended by SkinViva have been professionally formulated to give you flawless skin if used appropriately, and consistent use is required to see a change to the skin.

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