The Best Aesthetics Treatments for Summer

Summer is here and whether you are having a UK staycation, planning to get abroad for some sun, or are simply having fun at home this summer, if you want to make sure your skin is glowing, you might be considering an aesthetic treatment.

People often ask us whether it is safe to have facial treatments and then spend time in the sun. The good news is that unlike many facial treatments, dermal fillers are perfectly safe to have and still enjoy the summer sun.

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    Dermal fillers are quick, non-surgical treatments that can give you a big self-confidence boost before you go on your holiday. One of the great benefits of having dermal fillers is that you have instant results. Whichever area you are looking to enhance, one short appointment with a qualified aesthetics clinician is all you need to get the results you want.

    Having dermal fillers gives you younger-looking skin, which will help you to feel glowing while you are on holiday, or while you enjoy your other summer social events. The long-lasting results will ensure that your face continues to have a radiant shine and help you feel great all summer long and beyond.


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    Before you book an aesthetics appointment for your pre-holiday treatment, make sure that you have a consultation with a fully trained aesthetics clinician. At SkinViva, we offer a free consultation where our medically qualified clinicians will talk through the treatment details with you.

    Firstly, we discuss what treatment you are looking to have and why you are thinking about having it done. We want to make sure that it is the right type of treatment to boost your wellbeing. Then we will design your treatment based on your unique contours and skin type.

    After this, we explain the whole process to you and you have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Then the treatment can be completed. Our skilled aesthetics clinicians will make sure you are as comfortable as possible during your treatment, using numbing cream if required, although most clients do not find the treatment to be painful.

    Once we have completed the treatment, you will be able to see your instant results and we will explain what aftercare routine you should follow to make sure your results are as good as possible.

    You can then go on your holiday or look forward to a summer of happy times going out with friends, looking and feeling your best.

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