The Benefits of Having Skin Treatments in Combination With Filler Treatment


When people are considering having an aesthetics treatment to boost their self-confidence, they often decide between a choice of having a skin condition treatment such as dermaplaning or having a filler injection. However, having both procedures done together can have even more impact on the condition and appearance of your skin.

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    While you might have to have the treatments on two separate appointments within a couple of weeks, you can enjoy the combined effects for many months, with much more noticeable results.


    What treatments work well together?

    Dermaplaning & Filler

    Having a treatment such as dermaplaning can remove fine wrinkles and acne scarring, giving your skin a glowing, smooth appearance. When you then add a filler treatment, you give your skin extra volume and will also smoothen lines out. By having the two types of treatment, you will be enhancing the surface of your skin as well as the layers below it, getting maximum benefits. The combined results of the two treatments will be more noticeable, complementing each other perfectly.

    Micro-needling & Filler

    As well as dermaplaning, treatments such as micro-needling can also work very well in conjunction with a filler treatment. Micro-needling involves making small lacerations in the skin with sterilised needles, which encourages your body to generate more collagen and elastin. The treatment is used to reduce skin elasticity and to treat acne or other types of scars. Again, this treatment helps to enhance your skin from the surface, while the filler affects the layers underneath.

    Chemical Peels & Filler

    Superficial chemical peels are another type of treatment that targets the skin’s surface by removing the outer layer of the epidermis. A superficial peel is a milder form of chemical peel, treating fine wrinkles and acne without the higher risk and required downtime when having deep peels. They are a quicker and safer procedure that also give the skin a glowing appearance that can be nicely complemented by a filler treatment.

    Another skin condition treatment that is very effective alongside having a filler is mesotherapy, which involves micro injections of a serum containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids that hydrates the mesodermal layer of the skin.




    If you are thinking about combining a skin treatment with a filler treatment, SkinViva now offers micro-needling, dermaplaning, mesotherapy and superficial chemical peels. Our experienced, fully trained clinicians would be happy to provide a free consultation to discuss your key priorities and to design the best treatment options to achieve what you are looking for. This could be using a skin condition treatment along with a filler, or it could be that one specific treatment would be more suitable.


    Book your free consultation to see whether a skin treatment in combination with a filler treatment will be the best option to deliver the results that will give you a well-deserved wellbeing boost.

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    • Steve Smith says:

      I like that you discussed the benefits of combining skin treatments with filler treatments. You gave some combination treatments that may work well together and would benefit the patient all in all. Lately, my girlfriend has been breaking out and has developed lots of pimples and acne on her face. She was very conscious about herself and was asking me if I knew any ways on lessening the acne on her face as she is in the hospitality management work environment. Thanks to this article, I will surely recommend my girlfriend to consult a well-known facial treatment company for more information.

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