Are you terrified of looking done?

It’s fair to say that 2018 has seen a rise in the popularity of aesthetic treatments.

However, there is a stereotype that still exists around the idea that having treatment makes you ‘fake’.

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    It couldn’t be more of the opposite here at SkinViva – the majority of our clients come in adamant that they don’t want to look ‘done’ or ‘fake’ at all.

    Why are people scared of looking done?

    Many people are afraid of looking done as they want to keep their treatment a secret and for it to look natural.

    The aim for a lot of clients is to carry on looking like themselves but just with slight and subtle adjustments.

    The most popular appointments at SkinViva are based on restoration. People want to look like their younger self and not change who they are as an individual.

    Dr Tim says

    ‘It’s a strange irony where people think I make people look different, when really I make people look the same’

    before and afters

    Natural vs Done

    There is a very significant difference between what makes natural and ‘done’ beauty.

    Natural beauty is timeless, whereas treatments such as big lips fall under fashion and trends, which eventually go out of style.

    Dr Tim says

    ‘Beautification within the realms of looking natural is always the best kind of beauty’

    You want to look at someone’s face and think they are beautiful, but not know if they have had anything done.

    The way we achieve this at SkinViva is through the golden ratio. Our doctors will make sure all the features fit together harmoniously.

    ‘As soon as one feature is dominant it is no longer beautiful’

    Will I look more ‘done’ the more I have?

    No not at all – most people actually require multiple small changes to create a more natural looking result.

    The misconception is that less treatment is more, yet if you have one lip filler treatment that makes your lips much larger, this can look more obvious than if you had multiple small treatments.

    Dr Tim says

    ‘You need to change lots of little things that fit into a big picture. We want results that look different in a before and after photo but not something that a stranger would notice’



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