#TreatmentTalk – Tear Trough

Dark circles getting you down? Under-eye bags getting heavier?

Tear Trough treatment includes injecting Dermal Filler into the undereye and ‘eye-bag’ area to minimise the appearance of ageing and tiredness.

At SkinViva Manchester you can have this treatment by the most experienced clinicians in town.

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Who can have this treatment?

Anyone can have Tear Trough treatment as undereye hollows are not exclusively down to aging.

People as young as 18 years old can suffer with them due to various reasons such as genetics. Yet as you age the area becomes deeper and darker.

Many people aren’t aware it is a treatment and they believe that their only option is surgery.

Surgical vs Non-surgical

Painful recoveryPain-free
Lengthy down-timeZero down-time

What does it involve?

An injectable gel called Juvederm Volbella is placed in the area to smooth it out. This is done by raising the hollow to the same height as the surrounding tissue.

The eyes are an extremely delicate area of the face, so you need to take extra caution when choosing a clinician.

Dr Tim actually says

‘The treatment of the shadow that develops under the eyes has become one of my favourite areas to treat.’

Our clinicians are highly experienced, so you would not be at risk of damaging the delicate tissues.

The injections are practiced very slowly and with numbing cream to minimise pain and risk.

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What are the results like?

Dr Felicity describes having dark under eyes as making

‘You feel as though you look tired even though you’ve had a good night’s sleep.’

However – our clients look like they’ve slept for a hundred years.

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The best thing about the results is that they look extra natural.

Various benefits include

  • Fine lines and wrinkles diminishing
  • Distracting from problems such as eyelash loss and eyebrow dropping
  • Looking fresher and more awake
  • Appearing more youthful

Want to be a real life Sleeping Beauty?



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